Dr Minerva vs Minerva

Dr Minerva is a pretty skilled fighter. She has super strength, speed, and flight. That makes her someone who is well equipped for just about any fighter. It won’t be enough to defeat this mage though. Minerva’s magic spells are enough to block hits from someone like Natsu and she was able to overwhelm Erza in combat for a time. Dr Minerva won’t be able to compete in any area and her straight forward fighting style will leave her unprepared to deal with Minerva’s crafty traps. It’s hard to beat someone who is this gifted with sorcery. Minerva wins.

Dr Minerva vs Hellboy

Suggested by Anonymous Dr Minerva isn’t a character that I am very familiar with but she’s certainly pretty tough. She’s sort of like an evil version of Captain Marvel who still fights for the Kree. In her day she was able to give the Silver Surfer a good fight although at the same time she’s had trouble with Spider-Man in the past. Her abilities may seem to fluctuate but either way she’ll be too much for Hellboy. He’ll have a hard time keeping up with her and the energy blasts will take their toll. Dr Minerva wins.