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Jar Jar Binks vs Guyver

Suggested by Anonymous Jar Jar Binks finally makes his debut onto the blog. This guy was never really much of a fan favorite, but I suppose he has his charms. That won’t be enough to do anything of real consequence against Guyver though. Guyver is a pretty powerful fighter who also has speed which makes him a balanced opponent. None of Jar Jar’s tricks will be of any use against him and Guyver will barely be able to even enjoy the match before it’s over. Guyver wins.

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Guyver vs Han Solo

Suggested by Anonymous Han Solo is an ace pilot and he’s no stranger to a fight. That being said, I don’t think he will be a match for Guyver. Guyver is a very powerful guy who is effectively as durable as a robot if not more so. He is fast enough to dodge all of Han’s gun shots. His fists also won’t enter the equation here since they simply aren’t hard enough to do anything meaningful to Guyver. I’m afraid that this is as far as he goes. Guyver wins.

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Guyver vs R2D2


Suggested by Anonymous R2D2 is a pretty handy robot. He’s always around for whenever Luke needs him and the guy has spunk. Still, a whole mountain of spunk won’t be able to keep up with Guyver’s speed. R2D2 is really more of a reconnaissance drone and isn’t built for combat. Once the fight breaks out that will be it for this drone. I’m afraid that this fan favorite character will need some kind of big power up to keep up with Guyver. Guyver wins.

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Guyver vs Spock

Suggested by Anonymous Spock is stronger than the average human so he definitely has a better chance of dealing actual damage to Guyver than the rest of the Star Trek crew. Still, I don’t think he has what it takes to get past Guyver’s armor and speed. Guyver is used to fighting very powerful mech threats in his day and that’s a level of strength above even that of Spock’s. It’s just another in a long line of clear victories for Guyver. Guyver wins.

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Guyver vs Scotty

Suggested by Anonymous Scotty is a good engineer and a decent hand to hand fighter, but this isn’t a match that he can win. Guyver has super strength and speed at his disposal. The guy is hard to take down for the count because of his durability as well. He’s a fighter through and through and I just don’t think Scotty has what it takes to finish him off. Maybe he’ll get a few good punches in, but that will be the end of that. Guyver wins.

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Guyver vs Bones


Suggested by Anonymous Guyver is back once more and this will be another easy win for him. There’s really not much that Bones can really do to try and get the upper hand here. He’s still just a human in the long run so even with a blaster he isn’t quick enough to keep up with Guyver. Guyver’s got his armor going for him along with a plethora of special abilities. Nah, I don’t think anyone’s taking this guy down in the near future. Guyver wins.

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Guyver vs Sulu

Suggested by Anonymous Guyver has returned and he is up against a pretty solid fighter in the form of Sulu. Sulu has always gotten the job done. He never became as popular as the main members of the show like Kirk and Spock, but always had a big presence on the show. Unfortunately, his blaster and hand to hand skills will not be sufficient to defeat a foe as strong as Guyver. I’m sorry to say that Guyver is simply too powerful. He’s not the kind of opponent that will go down easy. Guyver wins.

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Yusuke vs Guyver

Yusuke’s been on a roll, but so has Guyver. Guyver’s abilities lend well to combat as he has good strength, durability, and speed. He’s essentially the complete package that you want to see in any fighter. He won’t go down easy, but the same can be said for Yusuke in every regard. In fact, Yusuke still has the edge here because he simply operates at a higher level. No opponent is getting past his Spirit Gun unscathed and Guyver’s armor will shatter. Yusuke wins.

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Guyver vs Captain Kirk


Suggested by Anonymous Guyver is back once again and this time the iconic captain will be the one to take a loss. Guyver is just too fast and too powerful for Kirk to hope to land a hit on him. Whether Kirk sets his gun to stun or not, Guyver’s armor should be able to mitigate the damage. Either way it would be a moot point since Guyver won’t be getting hit in this battle. His superior speed will come through in the clutch just like it always has in the past. Guyver wins.

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Guyver vs Chewbacca

Suggested by Anonymous Chewy is a tough guy who has some decent super strength and durability. Unfortunately for him it isn’t at a high enough level where it really matters here. Guyver is easily stronger than Chewbacca and has a lot of abilities up his sleeve to make this match even easier. A casual energy blast would probably be enough to end things here. Chewbacca has no real defense against that. Guyver wins.