Jason vs Bass

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Jason is back one last time, but I’m afraid that he won’t be able to win this round. Bass has abilities that can barely even be comprehended, much less stopped. Jason can unleash all 30 of the Mecards and they still wouldn’t be enough to stop this guy. Bass is basically a force of nature and cannot be stopped or endured. All you can do is accept the loss when he enters the battlefield. Bass wins.

Jason vs Popuko

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Popuko is a very aggressive fighter who always talks tough and likes to get in everyone’s way. That may be a tactic that works on the playground but not against an experienced veteran like Jason. Jason definitely has the edge in a fight here and has earned his wins thus far. Popuko can’t hope to stop Evan and Jason’s cards will make sure of it. She’ll have to be satisfied with a crushing defeat here, but who wouldn’t be right? Jason wins.

Jason vs Pipimi

Pipimi may not be quite as loud as her partner, but she is just as crazy. She has delusions of grandeur and isn’t afraid to use anyone to get what she wants. Her ambitions know no bounds, but fortunately for Jason her power level isn’t quite at his level. He can easily use Ethan’s faster than lightning ability to take her out of the fight before she even has a chance to try counter attacking. Pipimi won’t have any clue as to what is happening before this moment she will quickly be taken down for the count. Jason won’t even need to use his final ability. Jason wins.

Jason vs Jason Voorhees

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Jason is a pretty skilled fighter. In fact, it may not be an exaggeration to say that he is the best MeCard battler right now. With Evan and Thanatos by his side it is hard to defeat him. Jason Voorhees may have his mask, but it’ll likely be broken into a dozen pieces long before the fight is over. He just isn’t ready to handle a fight like this and Jason can easily overwhelm him with sheer numbers. Jason wins.