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Malekith vs Ultron

Malekith is back, but now he’s up against one of the strongest Avenger villains to have ever been created! I’m afraid that this match won’t be very close. Ultron has a lot of weapons in his arsenal and he has excellent degrees of speed and power. He surpasses Malekith in all physical attributes and it should be noted that he is a lot smarter as well. Ultron wins.

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Malekith vs Lazerman

Malekith is decently powerful and he has a nice degree of super strength. Unfortunately…that means nothing against the might of Lazerman! Lazerman could crush Malekith with a single blow and his speed is on a different level. Malekith’s ice abilities aren’t enough to turn the tides and his magical skills are not quick enough to finish the fight. Lazerman wins.

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Malekith vs Thor

Malekith is one of those guys that you don’t want to mess with when he has that Ice Box…well it’s effectively one anyway! He can do some massive damage, but of course one good hammer throw from Thor should wrap things up. Malekith isn’t really on Thor’s level powerwise or speedwise. Thor wins.