Bass vs Milim

Milim is a demon lord so I’d say that she has earned the right to go up against Bass. Don’t expect this to be an easy match though. Bass has powers that are far beyond comprehension. He can move so fast that Milim likely wouldn’t even see him coming. So when you put that all into perspective, her own abilities will be rendered moot here. She always enjoys a good fight but with a match this lopsided it may take some of the fun away from it. Her energy attacks just wouldn’t be able to deal any damage here. Bass wins.

Kikoru Shinomiya vs Milim

Kikoru is a very talented cadet who has super strength as well as speed. She can use her armor to heal injuries as well as fire off powerful blasts of energy. Still, that won’t be enough to defeat a demon lord. Milim’s strength seems to not have any limits and her energy projection is on a whole other level. Mix that in with her natural flight and it won’t be easy for Kikoru to get anywhere near Milim. You can’t win if you can’t keep up and Milim should end this with a solid blow. Milim wins.

Etna vs Milim

Etna is a powerful Demon Lord from Disgaea and her abilities did improve quite a lot between the first two games. She was still humiliated by Laharl though and I’d make the case that Milim is even more powerful. A single punch is able to cause a massive crater and she can take down Kaiju with a blast. Etna is completely out of her league here. Etna is good at making cunning plans and using her abilities well, but she is just out of her league here. At the end of the day a well crafted plan can’t make up for superior stats after an extent. Milim wins.