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Jaden vs Sena Arata

It’s time for Jaden to return and school his opponents. Sena is a pretty hard worker who acts kind of like Jaden at times. True, he may not have the overwhelming leadership abilities that Jaden has, but he always puts in his best effort. Jaden has a whole swarm of monsters at his disposal though so it’ll be incredibly difficult for Sena to get anywhere near him. “How about a little help Neos!” will be the last thing Sena hears before he loses this round. At least he’ll have lost to one of the best. Jaden wins.

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Weather Wizard vs Sena Arata

The Weather Wizard is back, but he won’t be able to win this round. Sena has an incredibly powerful LBX robot at his disposal and it possesses physical specs that are way beyond the Wizard’s defenses. His lightning bolts and other tricks won’t help him here since none of his attacks will be able to land. Sena can sit back and enjoy a nice box of popcorn on the sideline. Sena Arata wins.

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Sena Arata vs Ripley

Ripley is a pretty confident character who certainly doesn’t get scared very easily. That being said, Sena has the massive advantage here with his extremely powerful LBX machine. There’s no way for Ripley to injure it and she certainly can’t dodge its array of attacks long enough to try and take Sena down for the count. It’s simply an easy win for the kid and it shows that as long as you keep on playing the game, you can get good enough to beat anyone! Sena Arata wins.

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Sena Arata vs Hitomi Kanzaki

It’s time for a double debut! Sena Arata was a pretty great LBX main character and he was always ready for a fight. He never backed down and never surrendered. Unfortunately, I cannot say that Hitomi is a great character. She was a polar opposite to Sena as she always made the wrong choice without fail. The only thing you could count on her to do was make the situation worse for everyone else. She also can’t fight while Sena has an extremely powerful robot on his side so this won’t be all that close. Sena Arata wins.