Typhlosion vs Totodile

Suggested by Sonic This is an interesting fight. Usually you expect water would beat fire and all that right? However, Totodile’s champion form Feraligatr is off the table because he already exists on the blog as a separate entity. That means Totodile can only go up to Croconaw while he would be up against Cyndaquil’s final form. We’ve seen time and time again that while a type advantage is important, it’s not everything. The difference in stats are just too vast. Typhlosion wins.

Typhlosion vs Epsilon

Suggested by Anonymous Typhlosion is a really cool Pokemon and I’d consider him to be reasonably underrated. That being said, his offensive capabilities are not nearly enough for him to challenge Epsilon. Epsilon would be able to block most of Typhlosion’s attacks the way he blocked X”s charge shot. In a beam battle Epsilon would also have the edge so overall that just doesn’t bode well for the Pokemon. Epsilon is one of the strongest mavericks of all time though so there is no shame in losing to him. Epsilon wins.

Typhlosion vs Nemo

Nemo is back and he’s even got the type advantage! Unfortunately for him, that just won’t be enough to overcome this obstacle! Typhlosion just needs one good fire attack to take Nemo down once and for all. Nemo just won’t be able to compete with Typhlosion’s speed and power for long. Typhlosion wins.

Typhlosion vs Ash

Typhlosion is a powerful fire pokemon, but Ash has some pretty tough water pokemon to try and take him down! Like Lapras, or he could go with good ole Pikachu to even up the plainfield! Pikachu has his Volt Tackle and with it I’m not even sure Typhlosion could get back up. Ash wins.