Ueki vs Superman

Superman has many powerful abilities at his disposal. He has super strength that is out of this world and his speed is also legendary. There are very few who could even hope to defeat him. Luckily for Ueki, he’s one of the few. Ueki has very impressive speed and he could use it to toy with Superman as he barrages him with powerful attacks from all sides. Ueki wins.

Ueki vs Bly

kosuke ueki
Ueki is back and he’s a very well rounded fighter. He has impressive speed and he also has a lot of raw power. However, that won’t be enough to defeat a being of Bly’s level. Bly has his swordsmanship skills and one hit could prove fatal. Of course his speed is also able to keep up with Ueki’s and his defense is incredible as well. Bly wins.

Ueki vs One Above All

The One Above All is a being to be feared, but he won’t be able to defeat Ueki. Ueki has super speed and also some pretty intense power. One good punch would end this match in an instant. I don’t think that the One Above All would be able to dodge the attack and he definitely wouldn’t survive it. Ueki wins.