Left Behind

This is a movie I certainly haven’t seen in a very long while. It takes a look at the events to come from the Book of Revelations. That book is always of particular interest as it deals with the events which have not yet happened and serves as a preview to the future. There have been many books, movies, and talks on these events since we are all naturally curious about how things will turn out. Nobody knows when the end of the world will take place after all but that it will happen.

The movie starts off by introducing us to Buck who is a reporter for GNN. He was in Israel covering the discovery of a type of food source which could eliminate world hunger for good. Every country in the world wants some of this but not to share so the scientist has not given anyone the formula. One day Israel is attacked by a great number of planes but they are all mysteriously destroyed. Buck wants to find out the meaning of this but then while he is on a plane, a lot of people vanish.

Another character’s perspective that we see is from Rayford, a pilot who is currently cheating on his wife with a flight attendant. Hattie has decided to join the UN to get away from this situation and Rayford is unsure of what to do when people start vanishing. This leads him to head home where his son and wife are gone but his daughter Chloe remains. He meets up with Pastor Bruce and finally accepts the Lord and the Bible’s teachings. Meanwhile Buck is unconvinced that this is the rapture from the Bible and believes there is some kind of conspiracy going on and it involves the UN as well as their new head Nicolae.

So there’s a lot going on here. Buck makes for a pretty solid main character. He’s all about reporting the truth and wants to find a scientific answer for everything. A lot of his reactions here seem pretty realistic as I’m sure everyone will be trying to come up with reasons of their own for why so many people have vanished. I’m sure humanity will come up with something a little more convincing than sudden radiation but there will undoubtedly be some “explanation” at hand. Given that there will be people who stick around that claim to be Christians, that would likely muddle the water as well.

Throughout the film Buck gradually opens his heart up more and more though which makes for a very solid character arc here. Not everyone will open up to the truth but it’s always good to follow a lead who does. It’ll end up shaping how he acts in the films to come. It was also a good way for him to see Nicolae’s true intentions while those who were not protected by the Holy Spirit could only see illusions at the time.

The scene where Nicolae awakens his abilities as the Anti Christ and starts to use his abilities is a very tense scene to be sure. The special effects used to make the screen darker were very solid and the contrast for when things went normal again was very effective. In general I thought Left Behind did a very good job of always keeping the atmosphere at a very ominous level. It felt like grand things were happening and it was all unnerving as the events continued to unfold.

Nicolae makes for a very solid villain as well. Definitely not someone you want to cross and he’s also someone who can easily manipulate everyone in his way. Even the scenes where he is acting timid just make you think that he’s trying to get the other characters to lower their guard. Hattie is an antagonist as well to a degree as she was one of the obstacles in Rayford’s way. She may be good friends with Buck but ultimately we see that she is not a very virtuous person.

Of course neither was Rayford before the rapture occurs. That’s why I didn’t end up liking the guy all that much. It’s only after the rapture where he turns over a new leaf and starts to make the right call. Better late than never though and he’ll be in a good spot for the second movie. His daughter Chloe had a lot more resistance initially and made things hard on the main characters but by the end of the film she’s finally on board as well.

Finally we have Bruce who is in the awkward position of being the pastor of a Church where just about everyone vanished. He was quite good at preaching the gospel as he himself said, but he still didn’t believe. It’s probably the most tragic case here as he knew the scriptures quite well but somewhere along his journey, he must have fallen off or just lost his enthusiasm as he slipped away. This did serve as a wakeup call to him though and now his faith has been renewed.

I think after an event like the rapture happens, that’s the single biggest moment for a lot of people to become Christians. If someone doesn’t convert after that, then I doubt they ever will because it’s hard to find an instance that would be clearer than this. It’s why it will be interesting to see what explanations are given when this happens. Of course I don’t plan to be around when that does happen. The whole idea is you want to become a Christian before the rapture so you don’t have to go through all of this. Being around afterwards will end up being a nightmare even if it’s hard to picture the countries becoming so crazy at that point. It’ll definitely be happening when the tribulations start.

The movie has a whole subplot with government conspiracies and people trying to rule the world in the background. I think it works pretty well since I’m sure there will be a lot of that going around at the same time. Even while historic events like the rapture are ongoing, I feel like a lot of people will still be going about their business as usual. Whether that means going to work or committing crimes, people will seize the opportunity. With the Christians gone, that will also mean it’s probably a lot easier for these criminals to get to work. There are a lot of good people who are not Christians (Which is always the really tragic part) but the ratio absolutely gets reduced at this point so the world immediately becomes a darker place.

Overall, Left Behind is an effective look at what will happen when Christians all vanish from the Earth at once. The movie did a good job of showing everyone’s reactions and how different people handled this. I would have liked to have seen Chaim’s reaction though. He’s the only character we didn’t see react to this and I feel like he should have had some kind of reaction. The movie title is certainly straight to the point as the film deals with those who have been Left Behind. The writing is solid and the character cast is good so it ends up being a complete movie all around. I’ll definitely write about the sequel as well as soon as I’ve rewatched that one.


It’s been many years since I saw Fireproof and the last time was before the blog days. It’s definitely an emotional film about two characters needing to fireproof their relationship before it’s all over. By finally turning himself over to the Lord, Caleb is able to make great strides here and so you can expect a fairly uplifting movie here.

The movie starts with Caleb performing more heroics as a firefighter. The guy is pretty much a hero to everyone within the town. His life is seemingly perfect when it comes to his occupation but the trouble starts when he gets home. His wife Catherine won’t talk to him all that much and tends to always be in a bad mood or have something sarcastic to say at the ready. Caleb tends to let his anger get out of control and so the two of them finally agree to have a divorce. Caleb’s father hears about this and tells Caleb to wait 90 days. He gives Caleb a challenge book with a different task each day and if their marriage isn’t back to being strong within that time limit, only then can Caleb walk away.

Caleb agrees to do it although he doesn’t think this will change anything. Meanwhile Catherine’s not buying into these nice things Caleb is doing all of a sudden as it feels fake and automatic. Instead she is unfortunately on the rebound with Dr. Gavin and the two are starting to get close. With poor advice from her friends, Catherine is convinced that this is the right way to go. Can Caleb win her over before it’s too late?

Whenever you have a drama film like this with a marriage on the rocks it can get a bit dicey because you have to get some big disagreements in there but you also have to make sure that neither character is too unlikable or you’ll find yourself rooting against them the entire time. Of course if that happens then it’s really all over. In this case I have to say that both characters were very unlikable so in most cases you probably won’t mind them getting knocked out of the running so you could root for other characters.

It would weaken/destroy the whole message of the film though so it’s good that didn’t happen. Ultimately Caleb’s father is able to use this experience to turn him into a Christian and ultimately help Caleb see the light about his mother as well. Caleb was always very rude to her throughout the film as he thought she was to blame for his parents almost having a divorce. He finally changes his tune once he finds out the truth but it was another reason not to like him for most of the film.

The best character here would be Michael though. He was Caleb’s best friend and gave a lot of good advice the whole time he was having these issues. Michael was always in his corner and it’s definitely good to have a friend like that. The rest of the firefighters were nice enough as well even if their roles weren’t quite as big. One guy certainly had a lot of confidence in himself and really did quite well in the hot sauce competition considering that he was using the real deal.

Of course Gavin would definitely be one of the worst characters here as he is just trying to get Catherine to be with him the whole time. Gavin comes across as a very desperate character and also one who is easily intimidated. He knows that what he is doing is not good but keeps on at it anyway. Definitely not a character you would expect to ever like.

Catherine does deserve a lot of blame here too though. You definitely shouldn’t be flirting or anything like that until the divorce is actually official. Moving on when this hasn’t happened is still cheating. She also does seem to come in with a bad attitude constantly although of course there were a lot of events that happen prior to the movie actually starting. So the implication is that she has been bottling this all up for a very long time and only now has it started to come out.

Then Caleb is always trying to act super innocent like he has done absolutely nothing wrong. As the film goes on this becomes more and more untrue to the point where it is laughable that he is telling everyone what a saint he is. The guy’s not even close and his neighbor even gets to see a lot of his outbursts. The opening outburst in the film where he drove Catherine to tears was a scene that it’s hard to really come back from though. There was no real way to root for the guy in the film after that and Caleb doesn’t really change until the final minutes of the film.

As you can tell I wasn’t big on the romance here but the overall message is still good. You shouldn’t take each day for granted when in a relationship and should always be trying to do something nice. Ideally both parties will be doing this but as long as you take care of your side then it should all balance out in the end. Then of course with Caleb becoming a Christian he’ll no longer be heading off to Hell in the end and presumably Catherine and the others will be joining in too. So it definitely makes for a very wholesome ending here.

Overall, Fireproof serves as a good reminder to always do your best and to be considerate of others. Even if you seem to be doing a great job at everything, it’s possible that you’re missing something. Caleb thought that saving lives and doing great on the job meant that he was automatically doing great at home as well but this wasn’t the case. You can’t miss out on the small things for the bigger picture. You want to have a good balance like Michael did in this film. He always had time to do well on the job and have fun at home with a nice dinner and companionship.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

It’s time to look at a movie which recounts the greatest event in history. It’s the moment in time that gives our lives meaning and also gives us something to strive for. We see the events from the birth of Jesus Christ to his ultimate death and resurrection. I saw this movie on Easter which was a very fitting time for it. This film does a good job of recounting the events with a good amount of detail. Surprisingly the ending is very rushed and starts to cut out bigger events than expected, but the movie was quite long as it is so I suppose they had to end it at some point. Regardless it is a great movie to check out.

The opening scenes show the wisemen following the star to Jerusalem where they meet up with the King. He asks them to let him know when they find Jesus but fortunately they were wise enough not to do so. We then eventually get to John baptizing Jesus and that’s when the majority of the film begins. We see Jesus teaching his disciples and hear about all of the miracles he performs. The Pharisees are not pleased and continue to try and find ways to arrest or destroy Jesus. Ultimately this does lead to him being betrayed by Judas and crucified on the cross. 3 days later Jesus is resurrected and continues his teaching before ultimately moving on to Heaven where the rest of the Christians will join him upon death or being alive during the rapture.

Usually I don’t recap the whole movie including the ending but as these are true events it’s not as if they are a secret. Mainly the parts that are a bit rushed take place on Jesus dies on the cross. The movie very quickly has him be revived and then ascend. It’s understandable that we don’t see much of the 40 days where he returned to teach once again because we don’t have a lot of detail on that. What I was surprised about was cutting out the scenes of Jesus showing the disciples where to fish or Mary heading back to the disciples to tell them that Jesus is alive. In this version they ran over to the tomb with her as opposed to only showing up after she let them know. This all seems to be in the effort to move things forward so you can rest assured that nothing is changed in a way to alter the Bible or anything like that.

The film may have some violent moments but compared to something like Passion of the Christ it’s not super intense. This would be a movie that is a lot easier to watch with your children or if you just don’t really care for very graphic scenes. I’m not sure about the movie being G but typically documentaries and other films based on true events are given a much wider pass when it comes to the rating. I assume this is to encourage more people to watch the movie since extra knowledge on these things can be very helpful. So I understand the rationale even if I still have a bit of mixed feelings about potentially scaring someone. As I said, this one in particular is not very violent though so there is no issue.

It’s always interesting to see the Disciples reactions to what Jesus is saying since they are the few people to really know Jesus personally given that they were standing right with him throughout his life. It’s easy to read the Bible and think they were all very slow at putting the pieces together or not dependable when Jesus needed them, but in those times things were very tough. Everyone is tougher in their own mind than when put to the test. That’s why we all need Jesus. Ultimately our own strength is quite minor in the grand scheme of things.

The movie is very long but there is an intermission which helps and it’s all interesting enough where you won’t notice the length quite as much. The writing is definitely solid as well. There’s no real reason not to watch this film. My favorite depiction of the resurrection is still the short film “He is Risen” though. While that one doesn’t go quite as much into detail as this one, it does still adapt everything and the ending actually has more detail than this one which is impressive since its length probably isn’t even a third of this one’s.

Overall, The Greatest Story Ever Told is a quality epic and a great film to check out. You don’t need to wait until Easter to check it out, anytime is good for this. Whether you are a new Christian or one who has been on the path for a long time, it’s always a great idea to re-experience these events and re-affirm your faith. The resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God is ultimately what gives Christianity its power. Without the resurrection we don’t have a full basis to believe in God and his works. By coming back from the dead as he predicted, Jesus proved beyond the shadow of a doubt his connection to God and of the Trinity. Resurrection is not something that any person can do, nor will it be something that anyone could ever do in the future. Whenever you are growing weak in the faith or just having a tough day, remember the end goal. You’re surviving in this world to ultimately go into Heaven. God won’t give you any more than you can handle. You may certainly be tested to your upper limits but so long as you never lose faith in God you will ultimately persevere and going to Heaven is the best prize you could ask for.

I Can Only Imagine

It’s time to look at a recent movie about the iconic song “I Can Only Imagine.” It’s definitely a pretty good song so I was up for having a film about how it was created. As you might expect it is also a bit of a tragic tale with a happy ending since it’s based on true events. It’s a good movie with quite a few songs which is good although I would have liked to have seen a few more tunes thrown in.

The movie follows Bart as he grows up in a rough household. He manages to get by, but the situation forces him to try and grow into the image his father wants him to be. He joins the Football team and it goes well for a while until he injures his leg and is forced to retire. I guess extra curricular activities are a necessity in this school so he is transferred to the music class where the teacher forces him to become a singer. Bart enjoys singing but the problem is that he knows Arthur (his father) won’t approve. His suspicions are correct and things boil over until Bart decides to run away from home and join a traveling band. In the process he breaks up with Shannon and prepares for his new life.

This life is tougher than Bart thought it would be though and he starts to have doubts. He tries to run back to Shannon, but that isn’t happening and his vocal skills are being doubted by the professionals. When all hope is lost he finally heads back to his home to confront Arthur who has seemingly been redeemed after becoming a Christian. Bart has to confront this fact by wondering if this is true and also if he will forgive Arthur regardless.

It’s a pretty emotional movie for sure. I think you’ll end up being a lot more invested in the musical scenes then the plot though. Partially this is because Bart just isn’t a very likable main character for the most part. It’s hard to blame him for all of the family stuff since that was pretty traumatic for him, but I’m talking about everything aside from that. First off is his relationship with Shannon. He had absolutely no reason to break up with her in that scene. It just didn’t really make any sense and I feel like it just happened to increase the dramatic tension. Of course it’s hard to say if that’s how it played out in real life as well. Then his attempt at getting back together with her was painful. He went to her house at midnight while pretending to be the police? That’s a prank that went way too far and she shouldn’t have even gone to the front door if you ask me. It’s no surprise that she didn’t go with him.

Then we have the scenes where the critics come to hear his band play. Their agent tells Bart that he’ll handle this and for the crew to wait in the back. They all listen except for Bart who runs to the stage and makes a mess out of everything. The film goes a little too far in making him super head strong and naive as far as the critics process goes. Surely he knows how these things go and that you can’t just yell at the critics to make them change their minds right? He just makes so many mistakes and then just saying that he’ll quit wasn’t very responsible either. Things could have really gone badly for his band mates at that point. Of course that’s when he chooses to take a long leave of absence from the band…great.

Still, if that’s exactly how it played out in real life then it’s good that the film played it straight there. Meanwhile Arthur is one of those characters who is so bad that it’s hard to buy into the redemption arc which is why you can understand Bart’s skepticism even if he doesn’t handle the situation well at all. (Why even show up at the house if you’re just going to guilt trip Arthur the whole time?) It’s definitely good that Arthur saw the light and ultimately found Christ. At the end of the day even if nobody believes that you have been truly redeemed it doesn’t matter. You know if you’ve become a Christian and that’s what counts.

Overall, I Can Only Imagine is a good film. While it can’t really be called a fun film for the most part as it can be pretty dark and dramatic, the songs are fun. It’s a quality movie and one that you’ll definitely want to see if you’re curious about the song’s origins. It’s not quite on the same level as God is Not Dead which is still quite excellent, but this movie doesn’t really make any big mistakes. It does manage to be a pretty realistic film without over embellishing the events.

The Ten Commandments

I don’t watch 3 hour+ films often, but when I do I usually watch quality ones. The Ten Commandments is a legendary film and the poster is quite iconic at this point. The Bible is huge and as a result, most of it has not yet been adapted to the big screen. This film did a great job of essentially adapting the full story of Moses and adding in as many details as it can. Throwing in extra backstory is always a tricky process since you want to be careful not to deviate from what happened, but the film does a good job of it. It certainly is very long, but it’s an informative movie and a must watch for all viewers.

In case you aren’t familiar with this part of the Bible, here’s the situation. The Pharaoh decreed that all male Hebrew babies were to be slaughtered in an effort to prevent the deliverer from arising and freeing them from slavery. Fortunately for Moses, his mother sent him away in a basket to the Egyptians where he was raised up as a prince. Nobody knew about his true origin and he slowly grew to power. However, before he could become King, Moses found out the truth and decided he’d rather live as a slave with his people then rule under a false pretense. As a result, he lost everything and nearly died, but God was not finished with him. Moses was going to be the deliverer of the Hebrews after all.

Since the film is so long, it’s able to give a lot of time to each act. The first act is naturally about Moses growing up and then learning the truth. On one hand, you may think Moses could have helped the Hebrews right away if he had become King and then done away with slavery. On the other hand, living with the deception may not feel just. It’s one of those tough calls where it’s hard to know what you’d do. You have to have a lot of will power to trade fame, power, and a comfortable lifestyle over being a slave to do the right thing. Moses also lose his future wife and made an enemy out of everyone in power. It was certainly not an easy choice to make.

The second act covers when Moses returns to Egypt and God delivers many plagues as the Pharaoh continues to deny his people freedom. Once the final plague occurs and his son is killed, the Moses is finally able to lead his people out. Even then the Pharaoh decided to try one last attempt to slay them, which leads to the famous moment of the river parting and all of the soldiers being annihilated. The scene was handled very well and the film spared no expense on the effects. It would certainly be pretty amazing to see such a sight in person.

Finally, the last segment is about Moses obtaining the Ten Commandments from God. While he is on the mountain the Hebrews begin to worship fallen idols and regress almost entirely to how the Egyptians acted. Moses breaks the Commandments and has to get them a second time as a result. The film ends on a rather sad note though as Moses is not allowed to go on to the Promised Land because of how he hit the rock for water when he wasn’t supposed too. The scene is not in the movie though so if you only know this story through the film you may not understand why he wasn’t allowed inside. The film doesn’t really explain it and part of why the scene is so tragic is because it was such a small mistake. I think scholars have theorized that he struck the rock to show off his own power and had developed hubris over the years or something. There are quite a few theories out there, but sometimes there is no deep reason. Perhaps he just had a bad day and his patience was thin which led to him striking the rock. Whatever the reason, while the ending was tragic, Moses accomplished great things. Through God, Moses saved thousands of lives and brought everyone out of slavery.

The Ten Commandments is certainly an uplifting movie. It’s great to see the story of Moses in movie format and also great to see how well known and legendary it became. It goes to show that if the quality of the story is good then you can certainly have a film over 3 hours. The intermission was appreciated as well since it gave me time to grab a snack and then continue on. The visuals and soundtrack were on point throughout as well.

Overall, The Ten Commandments is a movie that you do not want to miss out on. It’s not everyday that we get a Christian film which gets this mainstream and is handled well. If I had anything I’d change with the film, I’d reduce a large part of the first section where we get a subplot of the carpenter and the servant who can’t be together because of a rich slave owner. That plot was extremely dark and I don’t see how it really contributed. Beyond that, the rest of the adaption was completely on point. While the film can be dark and somewhat brutal at times, it’s still something that you really should see. I avoid sad/tragic tales myself, but since this is real life and stuff that you can’t avoid, it’s worth checking out. The Bible can be rather violent as well, but it’s still something that you’ve got to read at some point. You can appreciate the sacrifices that our predecessors made even more when you understand their tribulations. As the saying goes, Light is always brightest after the darkness. Don’t think that the film is constantly dark either though, there’s a good balance throughout.

The Young Messiah

There are some movies that had good intentions and just didn’t work so well and others that had poor intentions from the start. This one is the former and the plot just didn’t do it for me. The film had to take a lot of liberties to be a full length feature film, but at the same time I just can’t picture a lot of this happening. Now, I won’t profess to be a super expert on the Bible where I can tell you 100 quotes or have all the families of David memorized, but I do believe that in the Bible it is heavily implied that Jesus lives a very ordinary life as a kid. He didn’t stand out and that’s why we didn’t hear about the great miracles he performed or his status as the Savior until after he had grown up. This film has him performing many miracles and in front of large crowds at the age of 7. (Apparently anyway based on the poster) He even has to run from the authorities because they find out and it becomes a huge debacle. I’m just not sure about this.

One big plot point in the film is that Jesus is initially a seemingly ordinary child and he doesn’t even know about his abilities. Gradually, he starts to gain knowledge of them and at times he personifies his role as the son of God and then he’ll turn back to normal. It’s almost like his body is slowly being taken over or his mind is being awoken from a long sleep and I’m not sure about that either. Granted, there aren’t really any easy answers for this. Did Jesus just take up one day when he was an adult with his full knowledge or had he always known ever since he was a kid? I actually like to think it was the latter personally. I believe that Jesus was essentially a perfect child and that he simply lived a very quiet life. He wouldn’t lie, steal, or make any moral mistakes that many kids make, but at the same time he would learn how to read and write the same as any other person.

After all, God chose to come to Earth as a man in order to live among us and save as many people as possible. I think it’s definitely feasible that as a result, he wouldn’t have immediately brought about his all knowing mind and other abilities that would make him stand out from the start. That’s why I can picture him knowing that he is Jesus Christ and just gradually growing up normally until it was time for him to act in the public sphere. Furthermore, I imagine that he waited to act until it was the perfect time for him to have an influence on as many people as possible. As a child maybe he knew that less people would be more convinced or that it would hurt in the long run. God knows all eventualities so he would ultimately choose the best route.

As I mentioned, I do think it was a nice effort in concept though. Biblical scholars have made a profession out of reading the Bible and trying to find more details that are hard to catch or can only be noticed by cross checking various books in the Bible and even other sources. You can find out a lot of fascinating things online and I’m sure that they would love to learn more about Jesus as a child. I just think that there isn’t much to find because he just wasn’t standing out at the time. Did Jesus have to content with bullies when he was a kid? Maybe. Did he have to revive a boy who was killed by the Devil in an attempt to frame him? That one’s a far greater stretch, but you never know. The point is, the film had to take a lot of liberties to make this a film, but as long as it doesn’t directly contradict the Bible or attempt subtly make Jesus or other individuals look bad, then it’s fine.

Overall, This can still be a good film to check out if you find the premise interesting. I personally prefer to relive parts of the Bible or listen to scholars speculate what may have happened back in the day based on their findings. I just find those more interesting than a film like this one, but it’ll really depend on the individual. At the very least, you can be sure that the writers probably did their homework on how the scenery and surroundings may have looked so that can be fun to see. It is good to see so many Christian films coming out nowadays and hopefully that trend will continue. The God is Not Dead series is certainly still my favorite, but we have had a nice array of titles that span many different genres. Hillsong, Risen, The Young Messiah, God is Not Dead, and many more. There is something for every Christian to check out. Some of the films didn’t go very well at all like Noah, which changes so many things that I even wonder about the intentions. I certainly would not be surprised in the least to see some “Christian” based films that exist only to discredit and confuse Christians rather than spread awareness. Always be prepared for every trick in the book in this day and age. I’m not sure which film is coming next, but I shall be awaiting the next Christian adventure.

War Room

It’s time for another Christian film that I got to see a while back. This one plays out more like God Is Not Dead. It has a full plot and everything where Elizabeth must turn to the Lord to save her marriage before it falls apart. It can get a little too extreme and silly at times for it to come close to matching up with God Is Not Dead, but it’s still a solid film with a good overall message.

Things have been rough for Elizabeth. Her husband refuses to let her send money to help her relative who married someone that can’t find a job and she also noticed that Tony has been getting a little colder. He strays so far away from the faith that he pockets money from his job. As a result, Tony goes from being a very wealthy guy to losing his job and facing potential jail time. His bond with their daughter has also grown strained since he is never around for her and also insults her favorite past time. (Jumping rope) With the family’s back against the wall and Tony getting more and more defensive, Elizabeth visits an old lady who tells her that she should let God fight round 2 in her place.

The main message is about fighting fire with peace. Tony’s portrayed as a really bad guy the whole time, but Elizabeth tries to roll with it as she hopes that he’ll have a change of heart. It’s a good message since you can’t go around fighting people all the time. Divorce also shouldn’t be the first option since it’ll just lead to Tony being turned away from God forever and Elizabeth’s life will also be in shambles. That being said, being too timid and “nice” will also just result in you being walked all over. You need to achieve a nice balance. Tony doesn’t make it easy though as he even attempts to cheat on Elizabeth, but he developed food poisoning right before he could breach the point of no return.

Tony turns over a new leaf after he sees Elizabeth’s prayer well and finds out that she knew about him getting ready to cheat, but didn’t say anything. The film ends with the family finally being united and stronger than ever. Even if the execution wasn’t the strongest, it’s always good to watch a film with happy endings and to remind yourself that miracles can and still do happen. Bringing a family back together like that is something that only God can do. We can’t simply mend broken relationships like that and without him, we are sorely limited in what we can do.

Another point of discussion that the film brings up is about not letting your relationship with God get too routine or “lukewarm.” It’s easy for things to get automatic when you do them the same way every day to the point where you don’t think about it much. If you read a chapter of the Bible every morning or a daily devotional, but don’t actually remember what you read a few hours later, then you need some kind of change. You don’t need to stop reading in the morning of course, but maybe add something else in or change things up every few weeks. I’d say that we all have automatic modes at some points so you have to watch out for them.

For example, I have automatic responses myself. “Cool” is my main one. If I don’t know what you said, I’ll just respond with this since it is the safest word ever. It should correctly answer just about 90% of what people are saying in case you missed something. I try not to be automatic too often, but my hearing’s always been about a second or two behind when I’m taken by surprise. I won’t actually understand what someone said unless I wait an extra second or two and who wants to do that? I prefer to just talk right away even if I have to play the old bluffing game. You can do just about anything automatically, but you won’t remember the details quite as much and it ultimately won’t help you develop.

So just keep that in mind at all times. I’d say that talking to God informally during the day is the best way to make sure that you’re active even if you’re not next to a Bible for a while. (Not a great excuse anymore since Smartphones exist, but talking 1 on 1 is still a great thing to do) I’m still working on finishing my run through of the Bible from start to finish. It’s taken an extremely long time, but part of the problem is that sometimes I’ll forget where I’m up too and have to re read some chapters. (Bookmarks? Ha! I don’t use those…….) Once in a blue moon, I also won’t be able to find the Bible when a big cleaning was done. I think of it as a desperate last ditch effort by Satan to not let me read the next chapter, but I chuckle at the attempt since we have like 20 different Bibles at home. The versions may be a little different, but I can live with that. My bad back, permanently disfigured knee, allergies to just about every single tasty food in the world, short term memory loss, fading eyesight, laggy hearing, and my body just breaking down bit by bit in general are other attempts that I’ll laugh off between coughs and colds. (Power Smoothies are something that I recommend for this by the way) I also subscribe to Bible Gateway and Up Words from Max Lucado. Then there’s also the Daily Devotionals when my memory is working and I do it straight away. Sometimes it’s easier to wrap up at night and it’s a good thing to do before bed. Regardless of when you make time for God, ensure that you do. If you can make time for a quick round of Super Smash or an extra helping of dinner, then you can certainly make time for your creator. It may not get you the next high score at your local, (It could though since you’ll have a more disciplined mind and a healthier outset on life which will give you a good work ethic) but it’ll save your eternal soul from damnation so that’s a good consolation. In the end, nobody can actually see your relationship with Christ except for yourself so don’t put too much stock into what others think of how you’re developing it. What works for one person may not work for another and they won’t be the ones judging you at the end of days. What interests me a lot are debates and quizzes. I’m bad at memorizing stuff since my memory is shot, but I do like winning things so watching Christian debates and entering quizzes are a good way to help me learn new things. I’ll probably be challenging my cousin in one of those quizzes very soon. Don’t worry readers, I aim to win. For others, they’ll develop better through Christian songs as the words leap into their mind and help them appreciate the messages and finally, others develop best through formal sermons where Bible teachings can be unwrapped and explained. A nice dose of all these options is another really solid way to go about it.

Overall, War Room is a good film. I may have not actually talked about it all that much in this post, but talking about the points that it brings up is a little more important. The film would be even better if it eliminated some unnecessary plots like the foot one (Which added nothing but crude humor to the film and was a little gross) and toned down some of the comedy and Tony so that his 180 turnaround didn’t feel too forced. This isn’t a formal review though and the intent is more important than the execution this time. It’s good to get more films out there that expose the mainstream media to God and the principles that Christians follow. With how degrading the world gets every day, it’s good to have some kind of positive media to counteract it. It’s worth checking it out and supporting the company is a good thing so that they can continue to churn out more movies like this one.