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Falco vs Pikachu

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I would actually consider Falco to be one of the stronger Smash Bros fighters. He’s not exactly top tier, (Sonic, Mega Man, Mewtwo) but he can hold his own against most of the other fighters. That being said, Pikachu’s definitely got this round. He’s a lot faster than Falco and the Landmaster won’t provide him with enough protection. An Arwing will be very helpful as well, but nothing can get past Pikachu’s Volt Tackle when you really think about it. Pikachu can dodge all of Falco’s attacks and then counter when it is convenient for him. Pikachu wins.

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Falco vs Little Mac

Little Mac’s an exceptional boxer, but he’s not equipped with the experience and fighting techniques that Falco possesses. Falco could actually hold his own in a fist fight and he has his reflector to shift things to his advantage. You should never count Little Mac out of a fight, but it’s still hard to see him coming out on top here. Falco’s Landmaster can also seal the deal. Falco wins.