Tenten vs Kiba

Tenten has her shruiken and with them she can slow Kiba down a bit, but in the end she can’t take him down. Kiba is pretty fast and strong, both of which Tenten isn’t compared to him. Kiba is just on a whole other level. Tenten never had a shot against an elite like him. Kiba rises up the ranks. Kiba wins.

Kiba vs Naruto

Kiba makes his blog debut. With his Man Beast Ultimate Taijutsu he’s a force to be reckoned with. Of course Naruto is much stronger than Kiba….in base form. If Naruto were to resort to Sage Mode or Chakra Mode Kiba would die instantly Kiba lacks the speed and power to keep up with Naruto. Naruto has surpassed him. Naruto wins.