Lili (Tekken) vs Herald

Suggested by iKnowledge Lili is an exceptional hand to hand fighter but the Herald has super strength at his disposal as well as a lot of gadgets. Those will keep him firmly in the lead here as Lili just won’t be able to keep up. Her attacks have a lot of power to them and yet, they won’t be breaking through his defenses quick enough. Meanwhile he has enough energy weapons to seal him the win. Herald wins.

Lili (Tekken) vs Cammy

This is one of the closer battles between the two franchises since both fighters rely on pure hand to hand combat. No tricks or gimicks in this battle, but a straight martial arts battle. I would say that Cammy has the edge in this round due to her very quick attacks and battle experience. Lili is very skilled as well, but her lack of speed will be costly and she just won’t be able to win this round. Cammy wins.

Lili (Tekken) vs Lara Croft

Lara Croft is back in this fight. Of course while she knows how to survive in the wilderness she still lacks the raw fighting skills needed to win. Lili is a much better fighter and could beat Lara Croft pretty easily. Lara Croft drops yet again, but maybe one day she’ll be back. Lili (Tekken) wins.