Metroplex vs Sixshot

Suggested by Sonic Metroplex is always known as one of the most powerful Autobots. The guy’s got a good amount of size on his side after all and a crazy amount of firepower. Sixshot is also known to be very strong because of all his modes though so he won’t go down easy. In this case I don’t think the size will hold Metroplex down too much or make him much slower than the average bot so he should be able to take this with his improved firepower. At his size, any big hit could be fatal to Sixshot. Metroplex wins.

Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Volume 4 Review

This Transformers comic marathon has been pretty fun. Volume two helped to introduce a lot of plot lines and Volume 3 didn’t really advance the plot, but the story was pretty fun. Volume 4 continues the plot as we get a pretty big fight scene and things finally get dangerous for the heroes. This was definitely the best volume from the three that I just finished reading and we also get to see some of the popular Transformers through flashbacks.

The plot for this collection is pretty easy to describe since most of it is a big fight with Overlord. Before the fight, we get to see Overlord’s history and we also get a happy meanwhile where the heroes go to the bar. There is also the aftermath of the fight and that concludes the collection. That’s an epic way to build a trade paperback. Prelude, Fight, Aftermath. It’s a simple, but very effective formula that definitely works for this volume and it’s part of the reason as to why this is my favorite volume yet. Overlord gets a lot of hype before the fight as the heroes explain that since he’s a Six Changer, he’s far more powerful than Optimus Prime, Megatron, Metroplex, and many other famous Transformers. Part of the mystery in the volume is why all of these powerful Six CHangers are Decepticons. It can’t be a coincidence so they figure that the Decepticons are actually powering up fighters. They send Chromedome to look into Overlord’s mind and that’s when chaos ensues. For the record…this was a hush hush operation so most of the Autobots did not know about it. The reason why I like the hype is that it makes the story feel a little like the famous Doomsday arc in the Superman comics. It’s a pretty similar setting, but what if there was no Superman to fight him? Things would have gotten dire, but very interesting.

Rodimus Prime doesn’t look very good and that has been a trend in the latest volumes. He looks very weak in this volume and that would be a huge complaint if not for the fact that it seems to be a plot point that will be developing in the next issues. That doesn’t erase the fact that it’s disappointing to see Rodimus fare so poorly in battle. He doesn’t get any good hits on Overlord and he’s defeated almost instantly. As a Prime, Rodimus should be decently powerful or at least quick enough to do something that will help to tip the scales of battle. Rodimus may be the leader of this mission for now, but he’d better watch out if he wants it to stay that way. Especially with such an untrustworthy crew. Rodimus Prime was my favorite Transformers character back in the day. I can’t say that he still is, but Rodimus is still one of the better Transformers out there and I expect better from him.

Whirl is actually my favorite character of the series at the moment although he’s slowly changing. He’s still the crazy Autobot that we all know and love, but…is he really an Autobot? He does some pretty shady things in this volume and it almost appears as if he’s an inside man working for someone. The author will need to be careful how this situation is handled since it needs to be masterfully pulled off so that Whirl doesn’t become a lackey. I like Whirl because he calls the shots right now…and that’s how it should be. He doesn’t really get in on the action this time around, but I’m sure that he’ll be back.

Cyclonus is still around and he does much better than most of the Autobots. He fires from a distance and keeps his cool while a lot of the others are panicking. He wouldn’t have been able to last forever, but Cyclonus definitely put up a good amount of resistance and I can safely say that he’s more likable than the other two Decepticon flyers. (Thundercrack and Skywarp)

Metroplex may have went insane before, but now he’s ready to change his ways and help out the heroes. After all, he went insane because of Overlord so this is his chance to get some payback. I don’t believe that the fight would have any chance of turning out positively for Metroplex, but at least he can get another shot. Metroplex definitely does the best against Overlord and this makes sense since they are the current heavy hitters on the roster. It’s pretty hard to overlook Metroplex’s big personality 180, but at least he helped the heroes. It will be a while before I can think of him as a proper Autobot again though.

Overlord is the main villain of the trade and he really does a number on the Autobots. He takes on the full squadron of Rodimus, Metroplex, Ultra Magnus, Chromedome, Cyclonus, and many others at once. That’s a pretty huge feat and the heroes are really getting overwhelmed. I remembered how powerful Overlord was, but this is definitely a lot more drastic than you could have thought. I wonder how Optimus Prime would have fared against him. They claim that Prime and Megatron are weaker than the current Overlord, but those guys have a lot of determination and experience. A fight between them would be downright epic. Overlord does want his rematch with Megatron so maybe we’ll get to see it. Unfortunately, it could be a while. Overlord also takes the time to mock the heroes as he’s beating them up, which takes dedication and a lot of confidence. Overlord is definitely one of the best Transformers villain as this volume cemented that fact. Powerwise, there are few who can stop him.

Chromedome gets a large role, but I can’t say that he looks very good. He doesn’t tell the Autobots where he’s going and he allows Overlord to take control during their mind sessions. Chromedome is supposed to be an expert in this so that was pretty humiliating. He makes a gutsy call in the end, but I can’t blame him for it since the alternative would have been much worse. Was there any other way? It’s hard to see any at that point. Unfortunately, things just go south for the heroes sometimes and they have to weather it. We’ll see what Chromedome decides as he’s about to make a big decision. Hopefully he goes two for two and makes the correct choice again. Chromedome may have been the leader in one of the Transformer shows, but unfortunately he’s pretty weak in the power department.

Ultra Magnus does better than most of the other Autobots during the Overlord attack. He was definitely pretty brave and I’m glad that he finally got to have his match. Things were pretty dangerous for him earlier because of a spiked drink, but everything turned out for the best…or did they? Either way, Ultra Magnus continues to be one of the better Autobots.

Drift doesn’t get a huge role, but something big does happen to him. I have to say that I was disappointed by how weak he looked in the fight against Overlord. He talked very big right up until the battle actually started. (Ratchet was also there and he also talked very tough and was promptly taken down. At least we know that the Autobots are courageous, but I would have preferred if they could have fought with something else besides empty words) Couldn’t he have shown a little more dignity or at least have gotten in one good slash? Ah well, we’ll see how things fare for him when Drift returns. His status as a main character may have just changed.

Rewind actually gets a critical role in this volume. Rewind is one of those robots that I never really remembered after each volume and I can barely even picture how he looks right now. Either way, Rewind did what he had to do and he made the hero call. It took guts and bravery, but he did what was necessary. I still wouldn’t say that he was one of the better characters, but now I will remember him as a hero.

Megatron only appears in flashbacks, but we get to see just how tough he is. It’s nothing new of course since we all figured that Megatron was one of the toughest Transformers. He basically beats up Overlord twice and is also the one who powered him up. Megatron is definitely a very confident robot. That’s for sure. I can’t wait until Megatron and Optimus Prime finally get to appear in the present, but that could be a while.

The art is a little more cartoony for parts of this volume. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I would say that it is a step down from the last two volumes. For almost any other series it would be good, but it’s slightly under average for More Than Meets The Eye. Luckily, this doesn’t wreck the fight and it’s still nicely done. I’m going to miss the old art style, but this one definitely has its moments and it won’t be a big drop from the usual art so score wise it should not affect the comic in any noticeable way.

Now, one may wonder what’s happening to the knights subplot. Well, it’s taking a very long time, but hopefully it will show up at some point. I didn’t really mind because I was just happy to see such a big fight. The tone for the comics is mostly on the sad side while mixing it up with light and dark comics. The transformers are always having fun until the next tragedy strikes. Because of that, it manages to pull off the dark and light aspects without leaning too heavily towards one side as earlier. I was fine with Overlord beating up all of the Autobots except that Drift and Rodimus should have put up a better fight. I don’t see them going down quite so easily.

As for big shot characters, we finally get closer to seeing them all. Starscream and Soundwave are featured in flashbacks aside from Megatron whom I already mentioned. Both of their roles were pretty sound and I hope that they get to appear in present time at some point. The heroes can’t stay in space forever can they? The quest will end at some point and then things will get interesting.

Overall, what’s not to like in this volume? The whole thing is basically a big fight and I’ve been waiting a long time to see such a big clash of fighters. What helps is that most of the characters are decently likable. Ultra Magnus, (He even gets a whole montage of his many defeats!) Rodimus, Chromedome, Ratchet, etc. They may not be the greatest of characters at times, but they’re still enjoyable to watch for the most part. There are some moments where the action can get pretty intense, but if you made it through volume 2 then you should be okay. It is technically energon that falls out of them I believe so you don’t need to worry about that part. For a kid I’d show them the original Transformers movie instead and for all other Transformers fans you’ll love this volume. We haven’t gotten this much action in a very long time. There’s a lot to look forward to in the next volume as we get to see what will happen to Prowl, Ultra Magnus, and Chromedome. Things will definitely be shaken up as the clock continues to turn.

Overall 7/10

Metroplex vs Bass

Metroplex is a pretty tough guy and knows his stuff! Sadly for him it won’t be enough to take down someone as powerful as Bass! Bass has his extremely powerful abilities that let him take many opponents down. Metroplex drops down the ranks in this round, but at least he tried. Bass wins.

Metroplex vs Wheelie

This is a tribute to Scramble City! Metroplex is pretty tough and saved everybody towards the end. Wheelie tries, but I’ve never found him that cool or tough. He loses this round and drops all the way down the ranks. At least he tried though. That’s the important thing! Metroplex wins.