Midgard Serpent vs Wile E Coyote

Suggested by Destroyer The Midgard Serpent is a pretty huge creature. He can slam into opponents like nobody’s business. Wile E Coyote can run and maybe evade the attacks for a little while, but it’s a futile endeavor. The Coyote will continue to get more and more exhausted from all of the running while the Midgard Serpent could keep up the chase for days. With no way to injure the Serpent, Wile E Coyote was doomed from the start. Midgard Serpent wins.

Midgard Serpent vs Bedtime Bear


Suggested by Destroyer Bedtime Bear is a pretty emotional character, but he certainly isn’t a fighter. The idea that he could rise up and take down the Midgard Serpent definitely isn’t one that I can get behind. The difference in size is massive here and Bedtime Bear has no real attacks that can hope to injure this guy. The Serpent is just too powerful and I don’t see this fight lasting for very long. Midgard Serpent wins.

Midgard Serpent vs Rhinestone Goomba

Suggested by Destroyer The Rhinestone Goomba has a lot of style on his side. He looks kind of like Elvis and that separates him from the normal Goomba fighters. That being said, there’s nothing this guy can really do against such a giant monster. The Midgard Serpent can just squash this Rhinestone guy and that would be the end of the match. Rhinestone would need a big power up in order to turn the tables. Midgard Serpent wins.

Midgard Serpent vs Baby Bop

Suggested by Destroyer The Midgard Serpent is a giant monster who has given Thor some trouble back in the day. His sheer size makes this match end in an instant because just falling on Baby Bop would end the match. Baby Bop can use the size difference to her advantage and hide a bit, but at the end of the day the Serpent has all day and only needs one hit to win. Baby Bop can delay the inevitable but with no actual way to cause any damage she can’t win. Midgard Serpent wins.

Midgard Serpent vs Thor

The Midgard Serpent is a strong fighter, but nothing that Thor can’t stop. The Midgard Serpent may be big, but he lacks intense speed and that will be his downfall. He just can’t take down Thor. Thor has beaten stronger opponents in his day. The Midgard Serpent loses his debut fight. Thor wins.