Pokemon Go Update

It took 6 years since the game released but at last I have reached Level 50! As of now there are no more levels so I have made it to the endpoint of the game. It’s been quite the journey to get there.

So lets look at some key stats in my journey to Level 50.

I’ve walked 13,677.8KM
I’ve caught 155,256 Pokemon
I’ve visited 159,129 Pokestops
My total XP is 181, 312, 340
My Pokedex is 762 Seen and 754 Caught.

Now with that completed, I focus on my main goal once more which is to get one of every Pokemon evolution line to Level 40. I’ve already completed Kanto and am close on Johto. This one’ll take a while and I’ll probably slow down a bit now that I’m level 50 but I’ll keep the updates coming for when I have gotten more Pokemon powered up.