Morrigan vs Bloom

Suggested by iKnowledge Morrigan has returned to claim her next victim. Bloom is actually a very skilled fighter whose abilities are very versatile. She has elemental abilities as well as enhanced physical ones. This won’t be as much of a cake walk for Morrigan as you may think. Still, at the end of the day Morrigan’s abilities still trump Bloom’s by a considerable margin. Her experience also trumps Bloom’s. Morrigan wins.

Morrigan vs Lady Shiva

Suggested by iKnowledge Lady Shiva is a powerful hand to hand combat. I have no doubt that if speed was equalized and this was a pure hand to hand battle Shiva would have the edge. Still, that is not the case. Morrigan has the massive advantage in terms of speed and power in this fight. Her energy attacks are a force to be reckoned with and I don’t think Shiva would stand for long against her energy abilities. Morrigan is a very powerful fighter. Morrigan wins.

Morrigan vs Jean Grey

Marvel’s back to challenge Capcom once again. Jean Grey may have psychic powers and the Phoenix Force, but that won’t be enough. Morrigan has beams, super speed, super strength, and her skills are far more advanced than Jean Grey’s. Morrigan wins.

Update: Jean Grey’s physical abilities allow her to fight on a Gladiator level for a period of time, which should be enough to give her an edge. Jean Grey wins.