The Crawler vs Sasquatch

The Crawler has a lot of speed and power at his disposal. It really makes him a very well balanced fighter who can attack you from any point on the field. Sasquatch absolutely has no tools at his disposal to reliably dodge the Crawler’s attacks. He’ll really be a sitting duck out there and that puts him in a very bad spot. His raw strength won’t mean a thing when he isn’t fast enough to tag the Crawler with it. The Crawler wins.

Kim Kaphwan vs Sasquatch

Suggested by iKnowledge Kim has some good hand to hand moves and slight elemental attacks like his Phoenix move but that won’t be enough to defeat Sasquatch. The difference in their respective power levels is just too high. Sure, Kim’s hand to hand can help him to an extent but without more significant speed or special techniques I don’t see this being enough to bridge the gap. Sasquatch only needs one powerful blow to take the win. Sasquatch wins.