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Space Godzilla vs Ares

Suggested by Destroyer Ares is one of Wonder Woman’s most well known opponents. It’s for good reason because his strength is out of this world. He would be able to deal massive damage to the Kaiju with his fists. Space Godzilla won’t be fast enough to keep up with Ares either which ends up being a problem in itself. If you can’t keep up with Ares and can’t endure his attacks for very long then that really puts you in quite the pickle. Space Godzilla’s best bet is to get some hits with the laser and that’s a long shot. Ares wins.

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Lazerman vs Ares


Suggested by Destroyer Ares is pretty strong. He can take a good hit as well as dish a few out himself. He’s no lightweight, but at the same time I think it’s way too early to put him in the same sentence as Lazerman. Lazerman was able to give Shademan a good fight and took on the full brunt of a Program Advance with no noticeable damage. Ares simply can’t compete with this kind of power and he will quickly be thrown to the wayside. This is simply not a match that Ares can really hope to win. Lazerman wins.