Wonder Woman vs Aresia

Wonder Woman has super strength, speed, and is an expert at martial arts. Of course Aresia has all of these things as well. Wonder Woman has the big edge with flight and Mjolnir. Not to mention that she’s also a better fighter. Aresia loses for the third time in a row, but she’ll be back. Wonder Woman wins.


Aresia vs Batman

Aresia is back again and is here for another loss. Batman may not be a match in base form, but with the powers of Superman at his disposal he’s unstoppable. Batman is also more than a match for Aresia in hand to hand combat. Defeating him is a feat she cannot acomplish for now. Batman wins.

Aresia vs Superman

Superman could beat Aresia easily. The fact that she got him into a choke hold was so inaccurate it hurt. Nobody does that to Superman! Superman’s far too powerful and with one punch he could take her down. Aresia’s just not at Superman level. That’s the bottom line. Even if he was holding back. Superman wins.