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James Bond vs Berserker

Bond returns once more and now he is up against Berserker. Berserker is a powerful foe and a single sword slash should end the round. James Bond does have his gun at the ready, but bullets are ineffective against this skilled warrior. Berserker has now reached many strong opponents with a solid record of 2-1! Berserker wins.

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Berserker vs Bass

Berserker is back and he is ready for another win, but he won’t be able to match up against Bass. Bass has the massive speed advantage here and his Get Ability ensures that Berserker will be outclassed from the start. Berserker’s attacks won’t be able to damage Bass and one Darkness Overload will end things in an instant. Bass wins.

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Berserker vs Superman

Admit it world…you knew this was coming! Berserker is a rampaging beast who is unstoppable once he is on the move and his instantaneous reaction speed is enough for him to deal with Superman’s flurry of blows. Superman won’t be able to bounce back after getting struck by Berserker’s Noble Phantasm…or should I say Noble Phantasms since anything he grabs becomes a weapon for his bidding? Superman’s heat vision is good, but it wouldn’t deal any lasting damage to Berserker and Superman would be quickly dealt with. Berserker wins.