Bobobobo Bobobo vs Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo is decently good at hand to hand combat and he’s quick, but that won’t be enough to stop someone as skilled as Bobobobo Bobobo. Bobobobo Bobobo just needs a couple of solid hits in and he’ll be taking the victory. Johnny Bravo takes a tumble down the blog ranks with this loss. Bobobobo Bobobo wins.

Bobobobo Bobobo vs Black Dynamite

Bobobobo Bobobo is back and now he’s up against Black Dynamite. Black Dynamite may have his gun at the ready, but I think Bobobobo Bobobo’s speed should be sufficient to dodge the attack with ease. Black Dynamite definitely won’t be able to hold his own in a close quarters fight either. Bobobobo Bobobo wins.

Bobobobo Bobobo vs Luffy

Bobobobo Bobobo is a pretty tough fighter. Luffy and Bobobobo Bobobo have always seemed similar to me. They both have hand to hand skills, but I think Luffy has the edge with his speed. He’s gotten a lot stronger since the time skip and I don’t think Bobobobo Bobobo can take him out. Luffy wins.

Bobobobo Bobobo vs Bass

Bobobobo Bobobo is back and this time he’s up against Bass! Bass is the King of the Blog and has always defeated every opponent he faced. He’s never lost, nor will he ever lose. Bobobobo Bobobo is strong, but in the end I don’t think he can take Bass down. Bass is just far too powerful. Bass wins.

Bobobobo Bobobo vs Batman

Bobobobo Bobobo makes his debut on the blog! Batman may have been able to take down the Jelly Jiggler, but it would seem that his luck ran out! Bobobobo Bobobo has a lot of incredible abilities and is extremely fast. Of course his power is his main point! Batman probably couldn’t stand too many hits from him. Bobobobo Bobobo wins.