Black Dynamite vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Black Dynamite is a strong guy who is used to getting into gun fights. We know that Howard can fire a gun if necessary but that is way different from actually fighting with it. He just doesn’t have nearly enough experience to deal with Dynamite and that’s exactly why he will be going home with a loss here. Black Dynamite wins.

Black Dynamite vs Pac Man

Black Dynamite may have a gun, but there’s no way that he can hope to take down Pac Man. Pac Man is a skilled fighter and he’s capable of battling from close or short range. Actually defeating him simply isn’t in the cards for a mere mortal and Pac Man could just eat him thanks to his Power Pellets. He continues his win streak with this round. Pac Man wins.

Black Dynamite vs Johnny Bravo

The Black Dynamite has a gun which is a decent advantage, but Johnny Bravo is superior in hand to hand combat. I think his agility would let him turn this into a close combat fight and then he would take the win. The Black Dynamite won’t be able to stop him and takes a loss. Johnny Bravo wins.

Bobobobo Bobobo vs Black Dynamite

Bobobobo Bobobo is back and now he’s up against Black Dynamite. Black Dynamite may have his gun at the ready, but I think Bobobobo Bobobo’s speed should be sufficient to dodge the attack with ease. Black Dynamite definitely won’t be able to hold his own in a close quarters fight either. Bobobobo Bobobo wins.

Tyler Durden vs Black Dynamite

Tyler Durden is a pretty insane character which could help his case as Black Dynamite will have a hard time getting a read on him. Still, Black Dynamite has his own share of hand to hand and gun skills. I’d say that it’s a close fight, but Tyler loses. Black Dynamite wins.

Black Dynamite vs Kamina

Black Dynamite has his gun at the ready, but in the end I don’t think it will be enough to take down KAmina. Kamina has some pretty good abilities of his own and in terms of hand to hand, I think he can win this match fairly easily. Black Dynamite wouldn’t stand a chance! Kamina wins.

Black Dynamite vs Squirrel Girl

Black Dynamite makes his blog debut, but in the end I don’t think he has enough power to stop Squirrel Girl. She’s just far too skilled for him and with her advanced hand to hand skills she was even able to take down Wolverine back in the day. She rises up the ranks with this win. Squirrel Girl wins.