Lady Kraven vs Tombstone

Suggested by Sonic Ana Kravinoff is definitely a skilled fighter who possesses most of the same abilities as the Kraven we’re all used to. That’s a good amount of talent, but it won’t be enough to stop Tombstone. Tombstone has a great amount of durability and super strength on his side as well. He’s a very balanced fighter and it will be very difficult for her to land any real damage against him. While her superior hand to hand skills will get her far, he will eventually land the hit that he needs to win. Tombstone wins.

Anguirus vs Lady Kraven

Lady Kraven has a decent amount of strength and speed at her disposal. It isn’t much when compared to many other villains, but this certainly puts her above the average mortal. That being said, the same could be said of good ole Anguirus as one stomp would be enough to defeat the traditional foe. His sonic roar should be enough to keep Lady Kraven away and ultimately defeat her. Anguirus wins.