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MUTO vs Yami Yugi

Suggested by Anonymous MUTO is huge! A true Kaiju among Kaiju. That being said, Yami Yugi has still got the edge here. He has an army of monsters at his beck and call and their sheer power will overwhelm MUTO. The Kaiju will just be outnumbered and outgunned without being able to do a whole lot. Yugi will always be protected so he is in no real danger in this round. That’s what it means to have the heart of the cards at the ready. Yami Yugi wins.

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Sonic vs MUTO

Suggested by Anonymous. MUTO is a strong monster and one that did actually give Godzilla a lot of trouble when it was 2 against 1. That being said, I would definitely give Sonic the edge in this fight. There’s no way that MUTO would ever land a hit and Sonic’s blows will hit like a tank. Furthermore, Sonic can go into Super Sonic mode and then all of his advantages will become even more drastic. It’s Game Over. Sonic wins.