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Zaraki vs Blackheart

Blackheart may have gotten a free pass to the second round, but it doesn’t seem like he will be getting any further than that. While his regeneration is pretty good, he won’t be able to keep up with the hits that Zaraki is inflicting. Zaraki’s power just gets even higher once his eyepatch is off. With that level of aura and speed, Blackheart has no way to prevent himself from being defeated. I’m afraid that it’s all over now. Zaraki wins.

Battles, Blackheart Battles, Mephisto Battles

Blackheart vs Mephisto

Blackheart and Mephisto are both pretty powerful demons in the Marvel Universe. While Mephisto may seem to be a lot stronger since he’s higher up along the food chain, he hasn’t gotten to fight as much as Blackheart. Blackheart was a playable character in the MVC2 fighting game and he has a lot of attacks. Physically, Blackheart is very powerful and he’s a much better fighter than Mephisto. Mephisto has energy attacks, but so does Blackheart. Youth will usually trump the hierarchy. Blackheart wins.