Shuma Gorath vs General Zod

Suggested by Sonic I always liked that red armor for Zod even though he basically never uses it. Shuma Gorath has a lot of power in his own right, but he simply can’t keep up with the sheer speed and strength of Zod. Zod just has the absolute edge in combat here. He is also called the General for a good reason as Zod fights very strategically. Shuma’s not going to be able to stop him. General Zod wins.


Shuma Gorath vs Thor

Thor is now face to face with one of the most powerful beings in Marvel! (There are a lot of those eh?) Shuma Gorath is a mysterious creature and even his abilities seem to vary. Not to worry, Marvel vs Capcom 3 gave us a good run down on what he can do and Thor should be able to win this fight. Mjolnir can block any energy blast that Shuma Gorath can shoot and Thor would definitely win in a battle of brawn. Thor wins.

Balki Bartokomous vs Shuma Gorath

Balki Bartokomous is back and now he’s facing off against one of Marvel’s more mysterious monsters. Shuma Gorath is a foe who managed to make it onto the Marvel vs Capcom roster and I’m sure that many people were surprised when he did. Luckily for us, that means that Shuma Gorath got a whole moveset to himself. This gave him many new attacks, which cements his victory over Balki. Generic hits will be enough to win this round. Shuma Gorath wins.

Ironman vs Shuma Gorath

Shuma Gorath may be a powerful monster, but he’s out of his league against Ironman. Ironman has taken on some very powerful opponents in the past and Shuma Gorath wouldn’t be able to keep up with his newer armors. Ironman’s firepower will prove to be too much for Shuma Gorath and it will result in a victory. Ironman wins.

*credit for the image goes to TheInsaneDarkOne*

Shuma Gorath vs Blackheart

Shuma Gorath and Blackheart both have nearly identical powers and abilities. The thing is, Blackheart is humanoid and able to utalize 100% of his power, where Shuma Gorath doesn’t have the humanoid skills to win. He can shapeshift, but it won’t save him. Blackheart wins.