Shuma Gorath vs General Zod

Suggested by Sonic I always liked that red armor for Zod even though he basically never uses it. Shuma Gorath has a lot of power in his own right, but he simply can’t keep up with the sheer speed and strength of Zod. Zod just has the absolute edge in combat here. He is also called the General for a good reason as Zod fights very strategically. Shuma’s not going to be able to stop him. General Zod wins.


General Zod vs Thor

Thor’s power levels are drastically superior to just about every Marvel character and he has a lifetime of experience under his belt. Unfortunately, he is up against General Zod. General Zod has fought with Superman on par and his speed/power do give him an edge over Thor. It would definitely be a tough match! General Zod wins.

General Zod vs Gon

Gon is a very skilled fighter, but can he really defeat General Zod!? I think so and that is considering Zod’s impressive showing in Man of Steel! Gon has a high level of speed and power at his disposal and his Nen abilities may give him the edge in this round. General Zod may have lost this round, but he may be back! Gon wins.

General Zod vs Lazerman

General Zod may be a pretty strong villain, but in the end he lacks the skills that Lazerman has. Lazerman is a being of pure power and pure evil. When he wants something…he takes it. General Zod takes another loss. Poor Zod fans. They should give him a request fight. Until then He’ll be waiting. Lazerman wins.

General Zod vs Superman

Superman is back for another win. His power is far above most others. He can take down many beings with a single punch. That’s because he’s Superman. General Zod is a tough villain to be sure, but when put against a foe like Superman then it becomes no contest. Superman has speed that would confuse even Flash. Superman will continue to show how powerful he is the more the years go by. Superman wins.