Dr Octopus vs Toad

Suggested by Sonic Doctor Octopus has never been my favorite Spiderman villain but the guy has definitely gotten quite popular. It’s hard not to run into him in some form because he is basically in every spider man cartoon and has also gotten to be the main villain in one of the films. His mechanical arms are hard to evade and dodging was never Toad’s strong suit anyway. I think this guy’s just a little out of his depth this time and won’t be able to do much against Doc Ock. Dr Octopus wins.

Thor vs Dr Octopus

Dr Octopus is a pretty smart guy, but intellect alone won’t be able to take down a foe as formidable as Thor. Thor has Mighty Mjolnir at his side and that should be all he needs to win this round. Dr Octopus is a strong opponent, but Thor has smashed whole worlds. Thor takes another win with this match. Thor wins.

Dr Octopus vs Spiderman

Dr Octopus is back and he’s up against his arch nemesis, Spiderman! Spiderman and Dr Octopus have been going at it for years. Both of them know what’s at stake when they battle. It’s for all of the marbles! Dr Octopus is pretty smart, but you could argue that Spiderman is still smarter.
Spiderman is definitely tougher, thanks to his spider sense and his will to live. Spiderman has gotten many powerups over the years that have helped him to completely outclass Dr Octopus. Maybe Dr Octopus will get a win someday. Spiderman wins.

Dr Octopus vs Superman

Superman is back and he’s ready for a good ole win. Dr Octopus is pretty smarts and his robotic parts may enable him to defeat most opponents, but in the end it won’t be enough to take down Superman. Superman is the Man of Steel and he’s a hero to all. Superman’s just that good! Superman wins.

Dr Octopus vs Lex Luthor

Dr Octopus makes his long awaited blog debut, but he won’t be winning this round! Lex is far too powerful and his skills are pretty intense. One blast from him while in his power suit, should knock the fight out of Doc Ock. Dr Octopus may have lost this round, but he’ll be back. Lex Luthor wins.