Reverse Flash vs Mirror Master

Suggested by Destroyer Reverse Flash is probably the most deadly Flash villain of them all. Trying to take him down is not an easy feat in the slightest and I can tell you straight up that it is beyond the Mirror Master’s capabilities. His mirrors just won’t be able to keep up and Reverse Flash doesn’t play nice the way that Flash does. So this could very well be over in the blink of an eye. Reverse Flash wins.

Mirror Master vs Captain Cold

Suggested by Sonic Both of these guys are some of the Flash’s most well known villains. Their abilities both have some solid advantages against each other but ultimately I see the Mirror Master coming out ahead here. Put it this way, while Cold can freeze his mirrors for a while, Mirror Master can just keep switching them out and using new ones. He has an incredible supply and all it takes is one misstep and Cold would be in the mirror world and unable to mount a comeback. This is why I have him going down here. Mirror Master wins.

Mirror Master vs Toad (Marvel)

Suggested by Sonic Toad is athletic and has some decent super strength. That’s nice and all but it’s really not going to cut it against the Mirror Master. Mirror Master goes toe to toe with the Flash which shows just how handy those mirrors of his can really be. Toad won’t even be able to get close and when the Master throws him into one of the mirrors it will all be over. That will be the end of the line. Mirror Master wins.

Mirror Master vs Orion

Suggested by Sonic Mirror Master is easily one of the most powerful Flash villains and I always liked how unique his power set is. It would be difficult for Orion to catch him initially because of all the mirrors but Orion has the power to level the planet if he keeps going. Mirror Master will run out of places to hide eventually and the main problem here is really the fact that at the end of the day he has no real way to hurt Orion. Orion wins.

Captain Boomerang vs Mirror Master

Suggested by Sonic Captain Boomerang is a very resilient Flash villain who always gets up for another round. It’s always been a little interesting how most of Flash’s enemies are at a level where they could never hope to challenge him, but it still makes for an interesting dynamic. Nevertheless, Mirror Master easily wins this round. His mirrors blast away at enemies with incredible speed and he is also a very agile fighter. Boomerang’s had a lot of tech upgrades over the years but nothing that can help him compete with such a villain. Mirror Master wins.

Mirror Master vs Mandarin

The Mirror Master is one of those guys who’s always trying to get in Flash’s way. He has mirrors and can do many things with them. Of course Mandarin has his rings and the many hax that they provide. With these impressive powers at his command he can rise up the ranks with ease. Mandarin wins.

Mirror Master vs Batman

The Mirror Master is one of Flash’s most dangerous opponents. Of course in the end he’s still no match for The Dark Knight. Batman has his GL ring and with it he takes down Mirror Master pretty easily. Mirror Master just didn’t have a chance against Batman’s superior abilities. Batman wins.

Mirror Master vs Flash (Barry)

The Mirror Master is making his blog debut. He’s a tough guy, but in the end he doesn’t have the skills to take down The Flash. Flash has super speed and can use it to run rings around most of his opponents. Mirror Master is no different. His mirrors just won’t be able to save him this time. Flash (Barry) wins.