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Sonic Universe Volume 7 The Silver Saga

It is time to look at another Sonic Universe arc. Unlike the Journey one, this proves to be an epic of immense proportions. It is no exaggeration to say that this very well could be the greatest Sonic comic that I’ve read. That’s quite the feat considering that Sonic and Shadow don’t really get a role here. You will be on the edge of your seat for this story!

200 years from the current Sonic comics, Silver is still trying to find a way to save his future. All he knows is that a traitor from the Freedom Fighters will do something in the past that destroys his world. While he tries to unravel this mystery, Silver learns how to harness his abilities. Suddenly, an intruder breaks into his universe and attacks. Silver manages to defend himself and follows the opponent back to an alternate past where a demi god known as Enerjak rules. Enerjak has destroyed most of the inhabitants on the planet and now plans on ruling every planet in the multiverse. Can Silver defeat a being of unlimited power?

Right from the get go, you can tell that this is not going to be your average Sonic adventure. For one thing, it’s a lot darker and more serious toned than the rest. The setting is a ruined city and only a few heroes are still alive. We really haven’t seen a Sonic comic that was this intense. Even my other favorite Sonic comics never had this much of a sense of danger. Now, the Silver Saga is fairly dark and intense, but it never goes overboard. Silver is still throwing around jokes through these turbulent times and the other characters contribute when necessary. It helps to prevent things from getting too intense and it is still in the usual Archie style so we get to have some incredible fights.

I don’t think that I’ve seen any better fights in all of the Sonic comics either. Silver and Enerjak’s battle could pass off as a DBZ battle as they hurl islands at each other and land some tremendous blows during their fight. It is incredible and I remember a big Silver fan commenting on the blog years ago about how much cooler Silver was in the comics than in the games. I can’t deny that he is very awesome here. I liked him a lot in Sonic 06 as well, but this is certainly the definitive Silver.

It almost goes without saying that the art is very good. The author does a good job of showing how different the alternate world is from the current one. All it takes is one small change and things can really go bad. Absolute power corrupts after all and it is one of the main themes in this graphic novel as the being who calls himself Enerjak was once a hero, but he was tainted by the powers of the Chaos Emeralds.

Silver is the main character of course and this comic should help fans draw a lot of similarities to Trunks from DBZ. These two characters have always been compared as their back stories are very similar. I even found myself reading his lines with Trunk’s voice as a result and their personalities are more similar than I could have guessed. Future Trunks was a great character in DBZ so this certainly helps Silver’s case and it is safe to say that he has moved up the character ranks for me. He’s still behind Sonic and Shadow of course, but after that, he may just be a few spots away from them.

I am certainly convinced that he is one of the strongest Sonic characters. Enerjak had the power of all 7 Chaos Emeralds and he was able to beat Super Sonic and the rest of the heroes. Silver wasn’t even using his Super Silver form and he actually had the upper hand against Enerjak. He remembers that he shouldn’t solve every issue by fighting and quickly changes tactics, but it is heavily implied that Silver could have kept on going if he wanted too. It seems like he has Chaos Energy within him and can access Chaos Emerald levels of power without actually possessing them. There’s a chance that Silver has unlimited power within him, which is being hinted and that would be really cool. He’s a lot like Superman as well since Silver always tries to find a peaceful solution and can take quite the beating. It’s just hard not to go on and on about how impressive Silver was.

Enerjak made for a great villain as well. His design is really good and he did defeat the heroes. Upon destroying them, Enerjak stole their souls and uses them to power robotic copies. He never uses Sonic’s, which is too bad, but we see almost everyone else. The robots don’t have the original’s experience and ingenuity so they aren’t quite as lethal, but they are still powerful. Although, Enerjak doesn’t need them to fight. He can sink continents with ease and throw islands around. Enerjak’s power is unlimited as long as he possesses the Chaos Emeralds and he’s another top tier Sonic character. I would have loved to have seen his fight with Super Sonic as that would have definitely have been a lot of fun. I want to see Super Sonic take on foes like this as it has been quite a while since I have seen him.

I am convinced that I may never see a Sonic comic that is this good ever again. The Silver Saga was simply exceptional. There is a cliff hanger which leads into the next Universe volume and that one should be fun, (The character gets a lot of hype as everyone could be in danger according to the cops!) but topping the Silver Saga is going to take a lot more than that. We’re going to need a Sonic and Shadow team up or something like that. Every series has an ultimate arc eventually though so I guess Archie finally got one. The scene where we see all of the fighters who Enerjak has defeated may be iconic at this point and it is when we knew that things would never be the same for Sonic and his friends.

I’m also interested in seeing Silver continue with his plot to find the traitor. I’m wondering who it is and if the plot is still relevent with the recent universal shakedowns that have been happening. Hopefully Silver got to find him/her in time or his adventure will have had an abrupt end. Meanwhile, I can’t say that the new Freedom Fighters were terribly interesting, but they didn’t need to be since they just acted as distractions for Silver in this fight. They weren’t bad either, which is great since I can safely say that this comic had no negatives. It was just incredible and the ultimate Sonic experience.

Overall, The Silver Saga is one adventure that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. It really had just about everything that I could have wanted in a Sonic comic and I was not expecting it to be this good. It was amazing and felt like an epic arc that could have been in any show. I saw glimpses of the Justice League Unlimited Two Part episode, the Trunks special, and more. The idea of alternate timelines can still work. I don’t like when they get a whole movie or show about them that doesn’t seem to ultimately serve a purpose, but when it is similar to the original like with the Justice Lords, then there is more potential. This opens the door for good what if fights like Enerjak and Silver. This comic really had it all and succeeded in all areas. I highly recommend checking this out if you’re a big Sonic fan and especially if you want to see a dark Sonic adventure. Even if you’re just a comic reader, this is one of the best comics of all time so you should really check it out! Get ready for fights that will rock your world!

Overall 9/10

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Sonic Saga Series Volume 1 Darkest Storm Review

It’s time for another Sonic review and this time he’s finally back to being the main character! This is the first volume of the Sonic Saga Series and I can definitely say that it’s off to a solid start. A lot of plot lines are being introduced the cast is very large. This definitely gets me hyped for a new Sonic video game or TV show, but the comics will have to fill that void for now.

The plot is all over the place here as many plot points are quickly formed. The main plot deals with the fact that Ixis Naugus and Mammoth Mogul have both escaped from their confinements and Eggman has hatched a brand new scheme. A new villain who is currently sticking to the shadows as Anonymous has started to talk about how he will be the greatest threat that our heroes have ever faced. The Destructix is back to face off with the heroes as well as Scourge. Sonic will have to deal with all of these threats and protect his friends at the same time.

There is also an issue about Knuckles and the Chaotix group as they have to Renfield. They don’t know what his current plan is so they will have to tread very carefully if they want to achieve success. There is also a small comic about Sonic as he keeps reliving the same day over and over again for some reason. He’ll have to find a way out of the cycle before it drives him mad!

Sonic is back and he’s definitely as fast as ever! It was nice to see him speed right through the battles and his big challenge to Ixis Naugus and Master Mogul was pretty intense. Sonic definitely doesn’t beat around the bush and if he wants to do something, then he does it! Sonic looks more impressive than the other heroes and while he didn’t get to see a whole lot of action just yet; Sonic will definitely be making some waves. In all of the fight scenes that Sonic does partake in, he tends to come out as the victor. Whether it’s Scourge or Ixis Naugus, Sonic never backs down from a fight.

After his big roles in the last two Sonic collections, Tails doesn’t really accomplish all that much in this one. He is taken hostage by one of the villains and Sonic is forced to relinquish one of the travel rings as a result. It’s not a huge tragedy, but you can bet that Sonic would have taken them down otherwise. I will assume that Tails was too shocked when the villains took out the gun to retaliate because his speed should be sufficient to get away. I will expect Tails to look more like his current self in future issues.

Eggman is finally back as one of the big villains in this collection. He may seem rather weak compared to some of the other villains in the collection, but one should definitely not underestimate his cunning genius. Eggman has some pretty big plans at his disposal and they’re pretty good so far. We don” know the full scope of them at the moment, but these “grapes” seem to pack a lot of power and are very potent. Sonic will need to bring his A game with him to stop his plans once and for all.

I have seen Mammoth Mogul a whole lot in the last few collections. He is supposed to be one of the strongest Sonic characters of all time, but I can’t say that he is terribly impressive. His spells and elemental attacks are definitely impressive, but I’d say Sonic’s speed over that any day. Mogul definitely has a high opinion of himself and I do respect the fact that he never backs down from a fight. He makes for a decent villain.

Ixis Naugus is one of the most popular enemies from the Archieverse and he is definitely supposed to be tough. Unfortunately, he is a little out of his depth in this collection because he went up against Mammoth Mogul. Naugus has powerful spells of his own, but none of them are potent enough to overcome Mogul. He can still last a while and make it a close fight at the very least. I didn’t care for Ixis Naugus here, but he definitely has time to improve.

Snively was having a good ole time helping out the heroes when Eggman pays him a visit and he has to choose between working for Eggman and staying with the heroes. Let’s just say that he made the choice that I was expecting him to make. I can’t say that he’s ever been a really likable villain, but he was pretty intense in the original Sonic TV show at times. He just isn’t that much of a threat at the moment since Sonic and his friends have grown to be so powerful.

Knuckles is one of the major players in the Sonic universe so it’s always good to see him around. There is some drama between him and his father, which is very similar to Thor and Odin’s debate throughout the Marvel comics. Knuckles wants to stay and protect the Earth alongside his friends instead of leaving. Both options had their pros and cons so it definitely wasn’t a win-win situation. Knuckles looks decent in his comic at the end, but definitely not great as he was defeated rather easily. It’s all right because he took out a lot of enemies during the other comics, but I’m expecting him to pull his weight when the going gets tough.

Rouge joins the cast as she gets interrogated by the Chaotic before helping them out on a mission to gain their trust. It’s debatable as to how much this plan actually works since all of them seem very skeptical about trusting her. They do have good reasons since you can never be too sure with a government agent. Rouge definitely hasn’t lost her hand to hand training as she makes short work of Julie Su and proves why she is the better character/fighter at the moment.

Renfield Rodent is a villain who gets involved towards the end of the comic in what feels like a filler arc/issue. He can’t fight and he has to rely on technology and gimmicks to win his battles. Luckily Sonic isn’t around so Renfield only has to deal with Knuckles and the Chaotic. However, even this may prove to be too much for the rodent and he’ll have to gracefully accept defeat. He wasn’t a bad villain, but he was definitely as generic as they come.

Fiona is one of Sonic’s new pals and it’s definitely hard to trust her since there can be a lot of drama in the Sonic universe. I’m not a fan of her at the moment and she seems to be included for drama purposes. I’m afraid that real character development will defeat drama every time. As far as I can tell, she isn’t even much of a fighter. That’s no good….

Julie Su is one of the supporting characters as she’s on Knuckles’ group of fighters. Unfortunately, she’s not a great character at the moment and she’s busy picking fights with Rouge. At least Julie Su can fight and that’s always a plus in this universe or really any franchise. Hopefully she gets a solid fight in the next volume.

Scourge gets a small appearance in this volume, but it’s pretty epic for the most part. His banter with Sonic is always fun and he’s definitely a skilled fighter. His mild flirting is a little sad and drops him down the character ranks. Hopefully he will remember to put more focus on fighting next time instead of getting distracted. Sonic had the upper hand in their fight so Scourge is going to need his power up.

Sir Connery is one of the heroes and I have to say that I couldn’t really take him seriously. He’s powerful to be sure, but he just seems out of place here. He has a lot of power, but no real speed to back it up. Leaving the fighting to Sonic sounds like a good idea at this point. Maybe he will be around for the next volume.

Mecha Robotnik is a character that I’m not familiar with, but he was a good villain. He’s not the strongest robot that we’ve seen in the Sonic comics, but he can definitely hold his own when the going gets tough. He didn’t last too long, but I’d be open to seeing him appear in the video games and getting some action. Robots always have the potential for epicness.

Anonymous is a pretty big villain, but we haven’t seen what he can do just yet. So far he seems to be watching from the shadows as he manipulates the other heroes and villains to fight for him. He sounds like a really powerful villain, but I’m not going to get my hopes up too high just in case. Either way, he’s a pretty good villain so far and it’ll be interesting to see where he goes from here.

The Destructix are a group of small time villains who trouble the heroes from time to time. None of them are really that interesting and I was surprised to see them giving the heroes a tough time. (Until Sonic and Knuckles showed up) Tails was getting defeated by the speed member and then Sonic arrived with a timely spin dash. Having the blue blur back is certainly great for the heroes. I don’t mind if the Destructix appear again, but I hope that they’ll get more character or a nice power up.

Once again, the art is very good for these Sonic issues. The action scenes are well done and every scene is very colorful. There aren’t any big inconsistencies for the characters and the backgrounds were drawn nicely as well. Archie has definitely found a format that works for their Sonic comics and I definitely hope that they don’t decide to change it anytime soon.

Overall, This collection was a very good way to start off the Sonic Saga Series. The backup issues with Knuckles teaming up with the Chaotix and Sonic having to escape the cycle were pretty fun. That being said, the real action was at the beginning when the all out war between the Freedom Fighters, Ixis Naugus, and Mammoth Mogul occurred. That was pretty epic and I hope for more big battle scenes like that one. Sonic continues to have a pretty happy atmosphere while allowing for some serious battle plots to make the whole thing very exciting. I highly recommend checking out this volume as it’s Sonic The Hedgehog at his best. The cover for the next comic has Super Shadow on it so you can consider my interest to be piqued.

Overall 8/10

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Sonic Select Volume 8 Review

It’s been too long since I got to read a good Sonic comic. This is from the Sonic Select series and since it mainly covers the Tails miniseries; it’s a decent way to jump back in. The comics were a little more retro than the cover would have you believe, but that’s mainly a good thing. It feels like reading an old Marvel or DC comic, but with the likable Sonic characters. It’s a pretty quick read, but definitely worth checking out.

The collection brings a brief intro story where Tails must fight against an Octobot so show us how Tails got his sub. That brings us to the main story when Tails decides that it’s up to him to stop Eggman. The Freedom Fighters have been treating him like a kid lately and stopping Eggman will force them to admit that he’s just as much of a fighter as them. This 3 part epic sees Tails go through all sorts of adventures and he won’t stop until Eggman’s plans have been foiled. Things get a little more dicey for Tails when the infamous Crocbot steps in to complicate matters. Tails is going to have to use every bit of power that he’s got if he wants to win this.

The collection also brings a very brief story at the end, which is a very large change of pace. It takes place in the modern day and the art looks to be more 90’s to 2000’s level. Sonic and Tails are training when the cops from the multiverse say that they need Tails to save everything. Sonic tags along and we find out that Knuckles messed up and Mogul now has unlimited power. He’s literally crushing the multiverse and there are only two dimensions (zones) left. Tails is supposed to be the chosen one so all of the Tails from the different dimensions arrive. Will the real Tails be able to use these guys in order to defeat Mogul or are they all doomed? Sonic’s around so at least Tails has an ally that he can count on. Let’s the battles begin!

Sonic doesn’t appear a whole lot, but his brief appearances are pretty epic. He’s nice enough to apologize after the brainwashing done by Eggman and he is pretty brave when he goes up against Mogul. If not for all of the bystanders, I’m pretty sure that Sonic could have taken down Mogul on his own. He is Sonic after all and Mogul wasn’t able to land a single hit on the hedgehog thanks to his speed. This is why Sonic overwhelms most opponents and Mogul wouldn’t be an exception. Sonic definitely proves why he’s typically the main character.

Tails is the main character of the collection and he gets a lot of screen time as a result of this. Tails essentially represents the sidekick who wants to level up as he embarks on all sorts of dangerous quests, but always ends up getting rescued. He retreats into his comics where he changes the facts a little bit to show the world that he is the true hero. It’s pretty bold, but his comics were pretty great so I’ll cut him a little slack. The heroes were definitely being pretty condescending so going out to take on Eggman was the right call. Tails just made a big mistake when he let personal feelings get in the way of the mission. He never really recovered from that.

It’s lucky for Tails that there is a group of underwater Freedom Fighters as well as a Rodeo version. Without them, things definitely would have been dicey for him. Tails definitely gets thrown around a whole lot, but he’s still a pretty likable character. This was before he became known as the smart character of the group so we don’t see a lot of gadgets, but I’m okay with that. Seeing Tails as an adventurer in training is definitely more exciting and Tails does his best to fight the villains on his own. I wouldn’t mind seeing more Tails comics in the future and especially if they’re set in this era. He’s a fun supporting character who can hold his own series.

Eggman is always amusing to see onscreen because his minions insult him all of the time. Eggman typically ignores them, but they can be pretty bold about this. Eggman still does have his moments and his plan to get Tails in the grinder nearly worked thanks to his latest robot. Eggman’s role is pretty minimal after that, but his constant yelling at Crocbot is also fun. The Sonic comics definitely wouldn’t be the same without Eggman and I wish that the current games had kept this design. This was definitely Eggman at around his prime. (Only Adventure 2 Battle could stack up to this one)

I can’t say that I really remember Crocbot prior to this collection, but he seems like a decent villain. He’s basically the wild west version of Eggman and his minions are a lot more respectful. No insults to the Crocbot. He strikes terror into the hearts of many and he’s a decent fighter. He’s not a terrific villain and he lacks Eggman’s charisma, but he’s still a force to be reckoned with and I wouldn’t mind seeing him again.

Mogul is the final villain from the last comic and what he lacks in personality, Mogul makes up for in sheer power. His design was never my favorite since he doesn’t appear to be too fast, but he does have energy blasts. Mogul’s as generic as they come, but we can’t give detailed backgrounds to every character. It just wouldn’t work after a while right? Mogul fits the villain role and that will need to be enough.

The art for the majority of the comics is the old 70s art that we’ve all grown used to. It definitely works for the comics since we have a lot of puns and the art helps with the facial expressions. It may not be 5 star art, but the art is definitely pretty good and it’s nostalgic. There weren’t many battle scenes so I can’t say how it would perform in that area, but it appeared to get the job done and that’s good enough for me.

These comics are very light tones and are similar to the boat stories. The name escapes me at the moment but it had many memorable lines like “Blistering Barnacles” and “Thundering Typhoons.” Really great lines and this collection has a lot of solid ones as well. There is basically a pun a page and I like how Tails continues to mock just about everything. He tells the wise old echidna that he has no time to talk to statues and it’s a bold line. That’s what I liked about these days int he comics; the characters were very bold. It’s a give and take because comics of this era didn’t usually have a lot of fights, but the well played comedy and puns are enough of a counter to make this collection memorable.

Overall, this was a pretty great batch of comics. The final comic in particular was a big change of pace since the multiverse was suddenly at stake and we had a villain who could crush universes. That’s pretty huge and Tails got to step up and get a pretty epic super form. The early comics may not have had as much stakes, but we got to meet a lot of characters and Tails learned a valuable lesson. I would recommend this comic to all comic readers and I don’t see why you wouldn’t like it. This may be volume 8, but it’s safe to jump in since the comics are mostly just the Tails stand alones. This is why Sonic comics are typically so great! Solid cast, art, and plot.

Overall 7/10