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Starfire vs Raven

Raven and Starfire are the two heavy hitters from the Teen Titans (TV) series. They’ve both gotten a couple of wins lately, but only one can keep up the momentum. Raven can do a lot of things with her spells, and they should protect her for a while. Of course, Starfire’s raw strength will prove to be too much in the end. Starfire wins.

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Raven vs Jinx

Raven has some pretty advanced telekinesis abilities at her disposal and they should be able to overpower the bad luck that Jinx uses. Jinx is decently good at close range combat, but I’d say that Raven is superior in all forms of combat. This is one battle that she won’t be losing. Raven wins.

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Raven vs Beast Boy

Beast Boy can change his shape into many different animals, but that just won’t be enough in this round. Raven’s dark powers could quickly defeat Beast Boy and he’s just not strong enough to stop her. Raven takes another win with this round and moves up the blog ranks. Maybe Beast Boy will return for a win at some point. Raven wins.

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Raven vs Mother Mae Eye

Mother Mae Eye may have seemed like a nice person on the outside, but she was actually a pretty devious person! The Teen Titans were almost taken down for good when she set her sights on them, but they managed to pull through. I think that Raven would be able to defeat Mother Mae Eye in a fight. Raven wins.