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Frank Moses vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Frank is a skilled agent who knows how to turn any bad situation into a fortunate one, but it will not be enough to defeat The Chunk. The Chunk can teleport and is invulnerable to an extent. Frank can try shooting him, but it won’t be very useful since the Chunk is bulletproof. It is safe to say that we all may have underestimated this guy. He has given the Flash a good fight and even beat him once so this guy is definitely the real deal. Who knows…this could be the start of an epic onslaught of wins for the guy. The Chunk wins.

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J Carroll Corcoran vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Carrol knows how to influence the media and his instinct for danger is spot on. He may be able to use that to his advantage for a little while, but won’t ultimately accomplish anything. Mind games will do little to nothing against a foe this sturdy. The Chunk just needs to land one good punch in this round and it is good bye Carrol. Perhaps things would be different if Carrol had learned martial arts back in the day, but seeing as how he never did take those lessons, he can only delay the inevitable. The Chunk wins.

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Prince Haru vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer I’m always up for another Chunk battle. You have to say this for the guy…he never gives up. His gravity effect and teleporting ability will work pretty well for him in this round. The most important thing in this fight is probably the Chunk’s gun though. Haru isn’t faster than a speeding bullet so the Chunk will be able to tag him pretty easily. One shot is all it would take to end this round which also means that it is curtains for Haru. The Chunk wins.

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Discord vs Chunk

Requested by Destroyer Discord is a powerful reality warper in theory, but he completely relies on hype to get the job done. He certainly is not a fighter and I don’t believe that he will be able to find a way to damage The Chunk. Chunk has a good amount of durability and he was able to defeat the Flash. It will be difficult for the Chunk to land a blow so this round will be a stalemate for quite some time. Still, at least Chunk can land an attack at some point and his blows will deal more damage than Discord’s could hope for. Chunk wins.

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Anguirus vs Chunk

The Chunk is ready for some action! He has a gun and his teleportation abilities can also come in handy here. That being said, Anguirus should still have the edge thanks to his sheer size and powerful roar. The Chunk has bitten off more than he can chew with this round and this loss will make him think twice before challenging another Kaiju! Anguirus wins.

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Predator vs Chunk

The Chunk has endured many losses over the years, but you have to admire his dedication to the cause. This is actually a pretty even fight since the Predator is also just a guy with a gun when you think about it. Unfortunately, he is a little more athletic than the Chunk, which should give him a big edge in this round. Predator wins.

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Tengu Shredder vs Chunk

The Chunk is back, but he won’t fare very well against the Tengu Shredder. Tengu Shredder has some pretty good sword techniques at the ready and he’s not the kind of opponent that you can take lightly. He’ll seize any opportunity to take the win and the Chunk isn’t prepared to deal with someone like that. Tengu Shredder wins.

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Destoroyah vs Chunk

Destoroyah is a Kaiju of immense power. One energy blast from him would wipe Chunk out of existence. The Chunk is an admirable foe from DC, but he’s really not that powerful when you think about it. Luckily, he never gives up and you can count on him appearing on the blog from time to time for some good old fashioned wins. Destoroyah wins.

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Chunk vs Zilla

The Chunk has a gun and I wouldn’t want to underestimate his fighting spirit, but Zilla may have the edge here. Zilla isn’t very large, but she can still pack a mean punch. One chomp or charge and it’ll be game over for the iconic Flash villain. The Chunk just needed a little more speed and this could have been an interesting fight. Zilla wins.

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Wii Fit Trainer vs Chunk

The Chunk may have a gun at the ready, but it won’t be enough to take on the Wii Fit Trainer! The Wii Fit Trainer is pretty athletic and her hand to hand skills should not be underestimated. The Chunk can fire off as many bullets as he wants, but the Wii Fit Trainer’s final smash will be too deadly for him. The Chunk takes a loss with this round. Wii Fit Trainer wins.