J Jonah Jameson vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer J Jonah Jameson doesn’t usually fight all that much but he did get powers once during Spider Island. This included super strength, speed, and webbing which means that Howard is completely doomed here. There’s really not much that he can hope to do against a superhuman. Jonah is just out of Howard’s league here. He would be able to dodge any possible attack that Howard tries to launch at him. J Jonah Jameson wins.

J Jonah Jameson vs Jonah Hex

J Jonah Jameson is one of those guys who knows how to pwn. With his snappy one liners he can humble nearly any opponent! Of course Jonah Hex is not just any opponent! With his gun he can shoot down J Jonah Jameson. Plus he became a Black Lantern and got even more powers! Jonah Hex wins.

J Jonah Jameson vs Carnage

J Jonah Jameson is back and this time he’s up against Carnage! Carnage is an impressive fighter and with his cosmic powers J Jonah Jameson wouldn’t stand a chance! Of course J Jonah Jameson may have lost the fight, but he’ll have other chances. One of these days he just may surprise you! Carnage wins.

J Jonah Jameson vs Spiderman

J Jonah Jameson is a pretty impressive fellow. With one newspaper he managed to get the whole world against Spiderman! Spiderman may have the advantage in powers, thanks to Phoenix, Captain Universe, and the Spider Bite, but J Jonah Jameson has publicity on his side! He can also throw a pretty good punch if I do say so myself! J Jonah Jameson makes his blog debut, but he also loses the match. Spiderman wins.