Sailor Moon vs Orihime

Suggested by Destroyer Both of these fighters never hold back but Sailor Moon absolutely has more experience on offense. Orihime is a healer at heart after all and her only attack option stopped being relevant after the very first arc of Bleach. Sailor Moon may not be the quickest fighter but her energy blasts should make quick work out of Orihime. No barrier will be enough to stop her for long. Sailor Moon wins.

Orihime vs Silva

Suggested by iKnowledge Orihime is a nice character but in some ways one of the most disappointing ones. Her ability to reject things from injuries to events seemed pretty fascinating and there should be a way to make that an offensive move. Surprisingly that never really happened though. She has some mild skills like shooting her energy spirits and such but nothing particularly impressive considering how strong the Bleach-verse is. Meanwhile Silva mainly just watched the fighters of Shaman King, but when it came time to fight he did deliver. His fight against Yoh was pretty good. His physical abilities are just too strong. Orihime can reject his attacks for a while but without pure offensive options her reflections can only buy her so much time. As long as Silva fights smart, he won’t get caught up in his own attacks. Silva wins.

Ulquiorra vs Orihime

Ulquiorra is back and this time he’s up against Orihime! She may have her barriers, but they lack the power needed to take down Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra is just far too fast and powerful. Orihime’s defenses definitely couldn’t stop Ulquiorra’s attacks and she can’t outrun him. Ulquiorra wins.

Uryu vs Orihime

Orihime is back for another loss. Luckily for her this is her final match of the arc. She just can’t compete with all of Uryu’s high speed arrows. Not too mention his sword. Uryu is just too powerful and rises up the blog ranks with this win. One day, maybe Orihime will also rise up. Uryu wins.

Orihime vs Chad

Orihime has her barriers, but she lacks the raw power of Chad. Chad has his cannon and he can shoot giant beams from it. That’s no laughing matter! The beams are so destructive that he was able too take out many opponents back in his day. Orihime just doesn’t have the firepower needed too win. Chad wins.

Ichigo vs Orihime

Orihime has fought some pretty strong opponents back in her day. Of course Ichigo would be the toughest one of all. His powers are just far too great too be defeated and he knows how too take a hit. So in the end there’s no way for Ichigo too lose. He ends his part of the arc, but the others will keep on coming. Orihime and Ichigo were friends, but Orihime still can’t defeat him. Maybe one day. Ichigo wins.

Hinata vs Orihime

This match is a battle between a real fighter and someone who has great potential, but no fighting talent. Orihime has good powers but she’s not good at using them. Hinata also has good power, but she just doesn’t use them to the best of her ability. I still have to pick Hinata because I think she can fight better than Orihime. Hinata wins.