Megaman Trigger vs Blanka

Suggested by Sonic Blanka has some pretty good thunder abilities and is excellent at hand to hand combat. This makes him a very balanced fighter who can really go toe to toe with a variety of opponents. You certainly don’t want to be underestimating this guy. That being said, Megaman Trigger is more than a match for him. Trigger has better projectiles at his disposal and he is also stronger physically so getting in close won’t bother him. Blanka is purely outclassed in terms of destructive ability and that’s going to cost him. Megaman Trigger wins.

Garchomp vs Blanka

Blanka is pretty good at hand to hand combat and his attacks can be pretty unpredictable. Luckily, Garchomp is also great in close combat and his sharp arm blades will give him the edge. He can definitely cope with Blanka’s thunder attacks through his energy blasts and large array of long range abilities. Blanka will have to take a loss in this battle. Garchomp wins.

Bass vs Blanka

Bass is back and he always wins! Blanka made it to the 1-0 spot, but as we all know….you can’t last in the 1-0 spot for long! Bass is just far too powerful too allow that! Blanka has his super strength, but Bass can just blow up the whole planet in single blast. With that Blanka’s dead! Bass wins.

Beast vs Blanka

This is a pretty close fight. In pure power Beast has the advantage, but Blanka’s electricity helps his cause a lot. He’s just super strong and I say he wins this match for now. Of course, if Beast should ever get better at energy attacks he could come back and win this one. Blanka rises to 1-0 in the blog! Blanka wins.