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John Brent vs Bass

John Brent is back, but he’s now up against Bass so he is doomed! Bass’ power is basically unlimited and one good hit would be enough to end the round in an instant. John has a gun, but bullets are meaningless against one who can block large energy blasts. John is just going to have to accept the loss and move on. He was no match. Bass wins.

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John Brent vs Train

John Brent is no match for Train. Train never misses his shots and he’s one of the best assassins to ever fight on the blog. He’s deadly and his speed is just one of Train’s many good abilities. Few can hope to keep up with his array of gadgets either and bullets are too slow to hit the Black Cat. John is definitely doomed this time. Train wins.

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John Brent vs Zero

This is a tribute to Beneath The Planet of The Apes! John Brent may be a survivor, but he’s no match for Zero. Zero has his Z Saber and a whole lot of experience at his side. John Brent’s gun wouldn’t be able to pierce Zero’s armor and Zero’s speed would just be too much for him. John Brent is just going to need to take a loss. Zero wins.