Leonidas vs Age

Suggested by Sonic Leonidas is a great dragon who has gotten many different super forms over the years. That said, Age is on a completely different level. In his robot mode this guy can take out whole planets. Leonidas isn’t doing anything to that. Their stats are just too different and Leonidas can’t even be said to have the speed advantage. Ultimately he is going down here without doing much damage. Age wins.

Leonidas vs Bass

Leonidas is back and he’s ready to rock, but he won’t be able to take Bass down for the count. Bass is far superior to Leonidas in both power and skill. Leonidas just won’t be able to injure an opponent as powerful as Bass and he also doesn’t have the speed needed to keep up with him. Bass is just too strong at this point. Bass wins.

Leonidas vs Mario

Leonidas makes his blog debut and he’s definitely a fighter to be feared! Mario may be a powerful plumber, but he won’t be able to stop such a beast. Leonidas has the speed advantage and he is a giant monster. One good shot will be enough to incinerate all of Mario’s items and knock most of the fight out of him. He won’t have a chance this time! Leonidas wins.