Kaiju No. 8

This series is pretty new so it’ll likely be a long time before it’s over. Still, I’m expecting pretty big things out of it and the concept is definitely good. Hopefully it’ll be the next big thing, it’s off to a fun start at least.

Overall 7/10

Black Clover

Well, I have started the Black Clover anime alongside the Toonami viewers. It had a pretty solid start with the first episode. The animation and music appear to be on point and as the series goes on we should get many more fights and characters added to the mix. It’ll be a while before this series finishes, but I shall have a review up when it does.

Overall 7/10

Fruits Basket Another

Fruits Basket wasn’t that good if you ask me, but it was fairly decent I suppose. The romance had too much focus put on it if you ask me, but this series is taking it slowly and enjoying the slice of life aspect so far so that’s a good thing. This series has potential and hopefully it can live up to it. I’ll have a review for this series when it finishes…someday!

Overall 6/10