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Gemini Saga vs Ultron

Gemini Saga has a lot of power at his disposal and one good shot would be enough to win this round. Ultron is a tough machine and one good laser can take out a country, but he isn’t fast enough to hit Gemini Saga. Gemini Saga’s armor is also virtually indestructible and it may be even more durable than Ultron’s. Saga takes another win! Gemini Saga wins.

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Ultron vs Spiderman 2099

Spiderman 2099 is back and he’s always ready to rumble, but he definitely doesn’t stand a chance against someone as powerful as Ultron! Ultron has laser blasts that are extremely dangerous and one good punch can do some lethal damage. Spiderman 2099 won’t be able to keep up with him for long. Ultron wins.

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Manda vs Ultron

Manda is a pretty big snake, but in the end he can’t win this round. Ultron has a lot of energy blasts which he could use to spam Manda. Manda is strong, but not even he can take on the blasts that Ultron can dish out for long. Ultron is just far too powerful. Manda drops down the ranks with this loss. Ultron wins.

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Ultron vs Wasp

Ultron is back and this time he’s ready for some action! Of course Wasp isn’t much of a fighter and will lose pretty fast. Her stingers are pretty tough and all when they want to be, but they can’t damage Ultron. He’s far too powerful and he knows it. Wasp drops down the ranks with this loss. Ultron wins.

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Vision vs Ultron

Vision is a pretty tough guy. With Super Strength, speed and energy projection he’s got it all. Thing is, Ultron has all that in spades! Ultron is Vision, but superior in just about every way. Ultron’s managed to take down the Avengers on occasion. Something the Vision may not be able to do. Vision loses this round, but he’ll be back probably with better results as well. Ultron wins.

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Megaguirus vs Ultron

Megaguirus is a pretty strong monster…….she can fly…..Anyway Ultron has super strength powerful enough too take down the Hulk and Thor! His power knows few limits and he wins this match easy enough. And against someone like Megaguirus that’s an honor. Ultron rises higher in the blogging ranks! Ultron wins.

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Ultron vs Antman

Ultron is back for a win. Antman may be strong, but in the end he’s just not strong enough to take down Ultron. Ultron is a being of pure power and has defeated the Avengers on several occasions. Antman takes a loss, but in the end he may be back someday, and this time it’ll be for a win. Ultron hasn’t lost much and probably won’t lose much in the future…if at all. Ultron wins.