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Allen vs Goku

Don’t get too cocky Allen. Just because you won doesn’t mean you’ll crack the top 20. Goku’s here to make sure of it. With only one hand he could win because if Frieza could do it Goku could too. Allen’s win is over. Goku has saved the world from Allen. Goku wins.

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Blade vs Allen

Allen is back to get pummeled again, but wait he’s fighting Blade. Someone who’s actually weaker than he is. No way! Allen got lucky but sadly it might get to his head. He’s lucky he has Crown Clown form. Without it he might still win but it wouldn’t be pretty. Allen wins.

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Ichigo vs Allen

Allen has joined the club of swordsmen. Now Ichigo, Clare, and Allen have to determine who the ripoff is. Allen is probably thelatest ripoff. Ichigo is to my knowledge the original but I don’t know. All 3 of them are part monster, grow a mask, have a big sword, part of a big group, are still going, All have super forms. Ichigo has the most raw power while clare has the most speed. (supposedly) Allen has the least skills. Ichigo wins.

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Train vs Allen

Allen doesn’t rank. Sadly a lot of people think he does so this is to show them that an underated person can beat an overated one. There’s so many reasons I could give that Train could win that it would take too long. Instead I’ll just point out that Train has beaten hundreds of people while with Chronos and after that beat The Apostles of The Star. Allen lost twice to the Noah. Train wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Allen’s strengths are greater than Train’s. Allen wins.

Allen Battles, Battles, Gaara Battles

Gaara vs Allen

Gaara’s first fight. Allen is the cry baby of shonen jump. He even screamed once and it was put on youtube. There should never be a video of someone screaming on youtube. Later on Allen tries to act tough but it’s too late. He let a cat be destroyed so it’s all over for him. Gaara wins.

Update! Gaara’s sand may make a pretty formidable defense, but it just won’t be enough to defeat Allen Walker! Allen’s sword skills are just too good. Allen wins.

Allen Battles, Battles, Edward Battles

Allen vs Edward

This is a match of weak main characters. Allen (I can’t even begin to describe how weak he is) is just a sad character. Edward is the generic main character who knows alchemy. Sadly alchemy isn’t a really good power. Actually it can be a great power Edward just never uses it right. Sadly even he can beat Allen. Edward wins.


Since this was last written, things have changed. Allen has gotten 2 power ups and a big sword. Edward has also gotten a powerup but it’s pretty cheap. Allen wins.