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Punisher vs Allen

Punisher is out of his league in this fight. Allen has a giant sword that he uses to slash other characters. Punisher’s guns just wouldn’t be able to save him this time. Allen wins.

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Allen vs Big

I’m afraid Big doesn’t have what it takes to win this match. He’s just not strong enough to defeat Allen. Allen may have a big sword, and it will let him win, but Big will try to get a hit in. Big has a fishing hook, but it won’t work.

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Zoro vs Allen

Zoro is finally here. I hope Allen savored his win because now he’s fighting a true swordsman. Zoro knows many sword techniques and is the best at all of them. He already beat the former King of Swords so now all he has to do is beat the current one. That should be no problem. Zoro wins.

Updated. I think Allen has the edge in speed and with his more supernatural abilities Zoro wouldn’t be able to take him down. If only Zoro had gotten stronger. Allen wins.

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Ghost Rider vs Allen

Ghost Rider’s back for his final match…for now. Against the swordsman Allen Walker. They both deal with the supernatural on a day to day basis so they’re similar in that regard. Ghost Rider has his Penance Stare, but I think Allen would have a decent resistance to it thanks to his “innocence” His swordplay is pretty good and I think he’d quickly overtake Ghost Rider in a hand to hand battle. Ghost Rider is powerful, but he lacks Allen’s speed. Allen wins.

Fanfic version below

Battle time!

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Scar vs Allen

Scar is the strongest FMA character. Taking on 5 alchemists at once. Allen couldn’t take on one noah without backup support. Scar has the ability to destroy what he touches. Later he gets another power. Scar is also good at hand to hand combat. Scar wins.

But now Allen has sword skills that are so good Scar can’t take him down. Allen wins.