Madara vs Kabuto

Kabuto may be a very intelligent fighter, but that wont be enough to defeat Madara. Madara is definitely his equal as far as combat intelligence is concerned and you cannot compare the two in terms of power. Madara just needs one clean shot to end this. Kabuto may have lost this match, but he will be back. Madara wins.

Goku vs Madara

Madara may be skilled, but he is no match for Goku. Goku is a Super Saiyan and one good blast could end the planet in an instant. Madara would not be able to keep up with Goku and he doesn’t have enough durability to last for very long. That’s not even counting Goku’s stronger SSJ forms. Goku wins.

Madara vs Itachi

Madara and Itachi are both some of the strongest characters in Naruto history. Both of them are very skilled with the Sharingan and they have many lethal attacks. Itachi has shown us more hand to hand skills in the past, but Madara seems to be physically superior to Itachi. It would definitely be a very close fight between these two opponents, but I believe that Madara would be able to take the win. Madara wins.

Yagura vs Madara

Madara has a lot of impressive jutsu on his side. With his sharingan he could predict Yagura’s moves before he even made them! If that wasn’t enough he can also pwn him using hand to hand combat. Yagura was powerful, but I’ve never found him as powerful as Madara. Madara rises up the ranks with this win. Madara wins.

Dr Doofenshmirtz vs Madara

Dr Doofenshmirtz is the latest character to debut on the blog! You can’t doubt his commitment and dedication, but he lacks the power to defeat Madara. Madara is just too powerful and has been showing that a lot lately! Dr Doofenshmirtz drops down the ranks with this loss, but perhaps he’ll be back. Madara wins.

Bass vs Madara

Ever get the feeling that Bass is invincible? Well, don’t worry you’re not alone! Bass cannot be beaten because he’s the strongest being in all of media! One hit from him could take out nearly any fighter! That’s a lot of power when you think about it! Madara’s sharingan can’t save him this time. Bass wins.

Minato vs Madara

Madara is back and this time he’s up against Minato! Minato definitely has the speed advantage in this round, but Madara has the sharingan. With it he can summon his monster and use a lot of Genjutsu’s. Madara’s also skilled at ninjutsu. Minato’s strong, but I don’t think he can win here. Madara wins.

Tobirama Senju vs Madara

Tobirama makes his debut on the blog. He was a pretty skilled fighter back in the day, but he’s not quite Madara level yet. Madara has enough abilities to take down nearly any fighter in his way! Tobirama will just have to be the first. Madara reaches the legendary 1-0 spot! Madara wins.