Kami vs Yagura

Kami has some pretty intense lasers at his disposal, but once again the speed factor will hurt him in this round. Yagura’s speed is considerable and Kami’s defense is pretty low. A couple of good shots from Yagura should be enough to take Kami down. He couldn’t win his first match. Yagura wins.

Yagura vs Fu

Yagura is back and this time he’s up against Fu! Fu is better at hand to hand combat and is a good fighter, but I think Yagura will win thanks to his jutsu. It’s hard to stop his water abilities and in hand to hand combat he’s still a decent fighter that’s not afraid to lose. Yagura wins.

Yagura vs Thor

Thor is extremely powerful and has fought many opponents in the past. With Mighty Mjolnir at his side you shouldn’t underestimate him! Still, he is fighting with Yagura in this round and Yagura has proved time and time again that he is very skilled. A single water jutsu from him can be very dangerous. Yagura wins.

Magma (Spider Riders) vs Yagura

Magma (Spider Riders) is back, but this time he’s up against Yagura! With a single shot Yagura can do some epic damage to him! Not to mention that Yagura’s speed and power are both pretty high. Magma (Spider Riders) drops down the ranks in this round, but he may be back. Yagura wins.

Killer Bee vs Yagura

Killer Bee is a pretty powerful fighter who really knows how to give it to his opponents! His sword skills are pretty impressive and he’s got a lot of jutsu up his sleeve! Still, he won’t be able to defeat Yagura just like that….or will he? In the end he’s a better fighter. Killer Bee wins.

One Above All vs Yagura

The One Above All is back, but of course he’s back to lose. He really doesn’t have the abilities needed to take down someone like Yagura. Yagura has enough power to beat The One Above All in one hit! One Above All will be back one day, but when will that day be? That’s the real question. Yagura wins.

Yagura vs Madara

Madara has a lot of impressive jutsu on his side. With his sharingan he could predict Yagura’s moves before he even made them! If that wasn’t enough he can also pwn him using hand to hand combat. Yagura was powerful, but I’ve never found him as powerful as Madara. Madara rises up the ranks with this win. Madara wins.

Yagura vs Naruto

Yagura is back, but I’m afraid it’s not for a win! Naruto has the Giant Rasengan that he famously calls the “Big One!” He’s also got some impressive speed and power to back him up. I don’t think Yagura will be beating him anytime soon. Naruto rises up the ranks with this win. Naruto wins.

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Ninja Battle!

Yagura vs Ichigo

Yagura is a new character, but he’s definitely outmatched against Ichigo! Ichigo is a Substitute Soul Reaper and has incredible power. With one slash he can take out many fighters and I think Yagura would be one of them. He just doesn’t have the defense to get up after a Getsuga Tenshou. Ichigo wins.