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Captain Kirk vs Master Chief

Captain Kirk has his phaser set to stun and at the ready, but it won’t be enough to defeat the Chief. Master Chief has a pretty good armor at his disposal and he’s a very good shot so he has the advantage. Captain Kirk is good at hand to hand combat so he may give the Chief some trouble in that area, but overall Master Chief has definitely taken the win for this battle. Master Chief wins.

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Master Chief vs Slade

Master Chief has a lot of guns at his disposal, but Slade has dodged such equipment in the past. His martial art skills easily surpass Master Chief’s and he also obtained fire abilities from Trigon. I don’t think that Master Chief will be able to keep up with such a powerful fighter. Slade wins.

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Takanuva vs Master Chief

Master Chief has his guns at the ready! Still….will it be enough to take on Takanuva? I don’t think so! Master Chief’s weapons and armors are pretty impressive, but in the end they won’t be enough to grant him victory. His record takes another shot with this loss. Takanuva wins.

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Tahu vs Master Chief

Master Chief isn’t a bad fighter. If anything he’s pretty good with a gun. Of course Tahu’s got him beat in the equipment part. His armor and masks are much better than the Chief’s standard gear. Master Chief may lose this round, but with all of those Halo fans out there, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s back. Tahu wins.

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Master Chief vs Frieza

Master Chief has his guns and equipment, but in the end he just can’t take down Frieza. Frieza has the massive speed advantage and with it he can defeat Master Chief in an instant. Master Chief is just nowhere near Frieza in terms of power and ability. Frieza gets yet another win. Frieza wins.

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Master Chief vs Astro Boy

Master Chief is back, but he’s fighting a very dangerous opponent! Astro Boy’s strength is pretty much of the Halo charts and his speed is incredible. Master Chief wouldn’t be able to shoot him down. Astro Boy is far too fast and smart for that. Astro Boy rises up the ranks with this win. Astro Boy wins.

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Gordon Freeman vs Master Chief

Gordon Freeman makes his blog debut against the Chief! Gordon Freeman and Master Chief are both similar in many aspects. Their suits are pretty similar and they both rely on using a lot of high tech equipment. I’m gonna have to give this one to Master Chief thanks to his superior hand to hand combat skills. I also find him faster plus his tech seems to be better. Master Chief wins.