Butterfree vs Ninetails

Suggested by Sonic Ninetails is one of the final secret bosses of Megaman X Command Mission. His stats even exceed those of Commander Redips. Butterfree has a lot of good attacks up her sleeve but I don’t see any of them being quite powerful enough to take Ninetails down for the count. Ninetails just has too much speed and too much durability for the attacks to deal enough damage in time. Ninetails wins.

Ninetails vs Presence

Ninetails is back for another win! This time he’s up against the Presence! The Presence must be tough to keep his high ranking position and all, but in the end it will be useless before Ninetails’s awesome might! Ninetails wins this match easy enough and rises higher up the ranks. Ninetails wins.

Ninetails vs One Above All


Ninetails is back and this time he’s up against the One Above All! The One Above All is truly an impressive fighter and all, but in the end he won’t be able to take down Ninetails. Ninetails is far stronger/faster and one good shot should be able to win him this match. Ninetails wins.

Ninetails vs Bass

Ninetails must take a loss and Bass is just the opponent to do it! His incredible speed and power will be able to take Ninetails down for the count in this round! Not to mention that Bass has his legendary Hubstyle and Beast Out forms. You just don’t want to mess with those! Bass wins.

Ninetails vs Superman

Ninetails is a pretty tough reploid and just about unbeatable! With a single blast he can cause some pretty intense destruction! He also deals nearly fatal blows with each attack while possessing incredible super speed and some tough beams. Ninetails will be back! Ninetails wins.