Hange vs Marcus

Marcus is back and he’s been doing very well on the blog. Those wins just keep on piling up. Hange won’t be able to break his streak since she doesn’t have much in the way of proper fighting abilities. Her swords aren’t fast enough to hit Marcus while he’s got his Digimon partner at the ready. His fists would likely just break the swords anyway. Marcus wins.

Hange vs Ryoma

Hange is back and she’s up against a real character by the name of Ryoma! Ryoma isn’t just any ole tennis player….he’s the greatest player to ever experience the sport! Ryoma can take down just about any opponent with a single tennis swing. He just won’t be losing to Hange. This likely won’t be her last loss, but at least we get to see Ryoma take another victory. Ryoma wins.

Hange vs Link

Link is the Hero of Time and it was great to see how he would fare in anime world thanks to the new Super Smash Bros trailer. Hange may have her swords, but she is no expert and Link would win in a matter of seconds. Her gear that allows Hange to go from building to building won’t faze Link and his Light Arrows. Link wins.

Hange vs Slur

Hange is back and she’s ready for another loss. Slur is much faster than her and a single slash would end the round. It has definitely been a long time since Slur has fought on the blog and this win will help her rise up the blog ranks. Hange just didn’t have a chance of stopping her at this point. Slur wins.

Hange vs Bass

Hange is back and now she must deal with the strongest being in all of media! Bass would easily win this round and that’s not just because of his amazing power. Bass is also incredibly fast and the match would be over before Hange would even realize that is has begun. Such is the amazing ability of Bass. Bass wins.

Hange vs Alain

Alain is the new character who was introduced in the Pokemon Mega special. This guy is not someone that you want to underestimate and his Charizard packs a lot of power. Meanwhile, Hange is one of the worst characters that the blog has seen in a long time and I have to say that she’s going to be on a rocky road for a while. There is nothing that she could do against Charizard! Alain wins.