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Human Torch vs Mephiles

Well Mephiles is back for another win and to close the gap between him and Bass. He’s almost at number one and the blog would have a new header. Will Bass let this happen. Mephiles wins.

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Mephiles vs Pretty Boy

Uh oh Spagetti O Drop Back and Jump Ahead Lazerman vs Air Rider the big match……….NO instead Mephiles is back to take on Pretty Boy. Pretty Boy is a guy who couldn’t think of a better name and that’s why in this blog he’s as good as dead. At 0-2 that’s not good for him. Mephiles wins.

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Mephiles vs Sin

Mephiles is trying to warn Sin about what will happen to her, but it doesn’t look like she quite got it. Too bad for Sin. Sin is definitely not the strongest character and that was the only way she could have had a chance against an opponent of this calibur. Mephiles is supremely powerful. Mephiles wins.

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Mephiles vs Indiana Jones

Well Indiana Jones has a gun and a whip, but they won’t really make a difference in this fight. Mephiles is just too powerful and crushes all these guys with ease. They just aren’t powerful enough to defeat him. Indiana Jones gets himself another loss. Mephiles wins.

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Mephiles vs Captain Kirk

Well Mephiles is definitely one of the strongest beings. He just cannot be defeated, which is why he’s so powerful. No one can stop him at this rate. Mephiles is just too powerful and will always win in the end. Kirk has phazors, but those don’t tend to work against these types of villains. Mephiles wins.