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Naruto vs Tsuna

Naruto is back, but not even he can win this round. Naruto is immensely powerful and fast, but Tsuna is even faster. Naruto’s raw power may help him, but Tsuna is far faster and an X Burner would definitely deal a lot of damage to Naruto. Still, Naruto would put up a better fight than most. Tsuna wins.

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Fuuta vs Tsuna

Fuuta makes his blog debut, but he won’t be able to win against Tsuna this time! Tsuna has enhanced speed and strength and could defeat Fuuta pretty easily. Tsuna has fought much more powerful opponents in the past and always takes the win in the end. Tsuna wins.

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Superman vs Tsuna

Well, the Reborn manga may have ended, but Tsuna has already proven that he’s one of the stronger characters out there! I think he could defeat Superman with incredible ease. Superman lacks the speed and power needed to take down someone as powerful as Tsuna! It’s the hard truth I’m afraid! Tsuna wins.

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Haru Miura vs Tsuna

Haru Miura is another character who will have to take a loss against Tsuna! She may be impressive, but in the end there’s no way that she can stand up to Tsuna’s firepower! Tsuna could deal a lot of damage pretty quickly if he wanted too and there are few that can even hope to stop him! Tsuna wins.