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Arthur vs Captain America

Captain America has some pretty intense hand to hand skills and he has his trusty shield. Arthur can land a good punch if he’s given the chance, but Cap won’t give him a chance! Captain America is just too advanced for Arthur and he has risen up the ranks with this win. Captain America wins.

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Arthur vs Kumonga

Kumonga is a kaiju of immense power! Kumonga could just step on Arthur and end the fight in an instant. Arthur means well, but in the end he can’t take down Kumonga! After all, how can a kid hope to defeat an immensely powerful kaiju. It’s just impossible! Kumonga wins.

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Arthur vs The Life Virus

Arthur is a kid that means well, but in the end his skills won’t be enough to take down The Life Virus. The Life Virus could defeat Arthur in a single shot with incredible ease. The Life Virus has even taken on guys like Megaman in the past! The Life Virus will now rise up the ranks. The Life Virus wins.

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Arthur vs Godzilla

Arthur is back, but now he’s up against the King of the Monsters! Godzilla doesn’t take prisoners and with one blast of his atomic radiation, he could take Arthur down! Arthur is powerful to be sure, but not even he could beat Godzilla! Godzilla rises up the ranks with this win. Godzilla wins.