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Captain Falcon vs Jigglypuff

Captain Falcon is one tough customer and it never gets old to see him take another win. Both of these characters are a lot of fun to play as in Super Smash Bros although their gameplay styles are so different. Captain Falcon has a lot of punishing attacks that deal heavy damage, but Jigglypuff’s wear and tear game will eventually crush anyone. Jigglypuff’s arsenal of attacks will overwhelm the racer and the crowd will be surprised as they look at the new champ. Jigglypuff wins.

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Bass vs Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff sure can sing, but can she fight as well as Bass!? Bass has the Get Ability and his power is basically limitless. With a single blast he can devastate whole planets in an instant! Jigglypuff never had quite that much power at her disposal, but she’s definitely strong in her own right. Bass wins.

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Jigglypuff vs Lazerman

Jigglypuff is back and he’s up aganist Lazerman! Jigglypuff can sing which is a pretty good tactic, but it won’t work on Lazerman. He doesn’t go too sleep so easily! With one disruption blast he can take down Jigglypuff! That’s because Lazerman has even destroyed whole buildings with his power! Lazerman wins.